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Wallpaper and wall coverings, for sale at Wallpaper Warehouse Sandy in Sandy, UT

Endless Possibilities with Wallpaper

For some of us, the word “wallpaper” instantly transports us back in time to decades past, and memories of our grandmother’s floral wallpapered living room or the whimsical wallpaper in our childhood bedrooms. Fortunately, wallpaper has come a long way since then. Not only is wallpaper back in vogue, it’s evolved into an important player in the world of interior design. With new looks, materials, and textures, the design possibilities are endless. Here we’ll list some of the on-trend ways to incorporate wallpaper into your home’s decor.

Accent Wall

A fun possibility for wallpaper is to use it on an accent wall. Instead of paining an accent wall, choose wallpaper with a metallic sheen or geometric shapes for dramatic effect. This is a great way to increase your home’s style without making any room feel more cluttered.
Geometric Wallpaper, for sale at Wallpaper Warehouse Sandy in Sandy, UT

Small Space

Small bathrooms and entryways come alive when you incorporate a patterned wallpaper. Find a design and you really love and you’ll be amazed at how the wallpaper brightens up the space.


Another hot decorating trend is wallpaper on the ceiling. This technique draws the eyes upward and creates the illusion that a room is larger than it truly is.


If you’re thinking about installing a kitchen backsplash, but you aren’t sure if you’re up for the time or monetary investment, consider using wallpaper. Adding wallpaper as a backsplash is a quick and easy, not to mention a stylish way to add some color and character to your kitchen.


A fun way to add some visual interest to your bookshelves is to add wallpaper to the back of the bookshelves, giving them color and depth. Because it is such a small space, you can really explore intricate prints that may feel like too much on a full wall.

Chalkboard Wall

A fun and convenient trend in wallpaper is the chalkboard wall. Great in the kitchen or the office, it’s a unique way to customize a space, write notes to yourself and family members, or let the kids entertain themselves by scribbling on the wall while you’re making dinner.
Striped Wallpaper, for sale at Wallpaper Warehouse Sandy in Sandy, UT
No matter your personal style preference, wallpaper can transform your home. Do you gravitate toward stripes, geometric shapes, floral or damask? Express your personality with a fun, vibrant pattern or a subtle, textured solid.

Wallpaper Warehouse Sandy carries a wide selection of wallpaper and borders from top-quality designers.

Our experienced staff can help you narrow down the choices. Please contact us to get started with your project.
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