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How to Curate a Mindful Ambiance With Sonnette® Roller Shades

There are quite a few elements that go into making your home feel warm and cozy. Everything from your flooring, furnishings, wall décor and windows can decide whether your home feels cozy or cluttered. That’s where we come in at Utah Blinds Gallery - we have the perfect window treatment solution for creating a home that harnesses mindful energy with the mood-lifting properties of natural light: Hunter Douglas Sonnette® Roller Shades.

Cellular Roller Shades, Sonnette® Roller Shades at Utah Blinds Gallery near Sandy, Utah (UT)

What Do You Mean By Mindfulness?

The concept of mindfulness is simple and timeless: it means the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something. When translated into your home’s interior design, it can have many meanings, but for us, it means the paramount practice of curating your home to feel like a warm, cozy, serene space. Think of the mood boost you get when you finally go through the giant stack of mail on your counter; doing something simple that declutters your living space, elevates your mood, and helps you appreciate the present moment of life.

How Would a Window Treatment Help My Mood?

The windows in our homes are the source of all our natural light, and the window treatment you choose has the power to change the ambiance in every single room in your home.

Imagine the feeling you get when you walk into someone’s home without natural light. The rooms are dark and dreary and evoke a sense of sadness. Imagine how you feel when you walk into someone’s house with bountiful windows and tons of natural light pouring into every room. It inherently feels more cozy, elegant, warm, and inviting. That’s the power of natural light!

What are Sonnette® Roller Shades?

Sonnette® Roller Shades are an incredibly innovative window treatment from Hunter Douglas. They combine the traditional beauty of a roller shade with the functional qualities of a cellular shade or blind.

Here are some of our top ways that this gorgeous window treatment curates mindfulness in your home:

  • Insulation: You never want to feel uncomfortable with the temperature in your home, and having a window treatment with a layer of insulating fabric will go the extra mile to keep out unwanted drafts of hot or cold air.
  • Aesthetic beauty: Many believe minimalism and decluttering tenets are mood boosters. These shades create a beautiful, clean aesthetic with gentle curves and many fabric color choices in soft hues that can add a perfect pop of color to your home. You can also opt for a classic shade of white for a more traditional, minimal look.
  • Light diffusion: One of our favorite aspects of these shades is how they diffuse light. Curating mindfulness starts with introducing gorgeous natural light in your home, and these shades soften harsh sun rays to protect your interior while giving your home the warm sense of natural lighting it needs.
  • Versatility: You choose from a variety of fabric opacities to meet the needs of each of your rooms. Whether you’re looking for semi-opaque or room-darkening fabrics, we can find the perfect solution for you that matches your room perfectly.

Get in Touch

No matter where you are on your journey toward a cozier home, we’d love to discuss all of our excellent Hunter Douglas window treatment options at Utah Blinds Gallery. Our team has been serving the Salt Lake Valley since 1976 and will give your home the care and attention it deserves. Feel free to give us a call at (801) 561-1436, stop by our showroom in Sandy, UT, or you can even request a consultation online. We proudly serve Sandy, Park City, Draper, South Jordan, Utah Valley, Lehi, Provo, Orem, Heber, Eagle Mountain, Saratoga Springs, and Vineyard, UT.