Why Woven Wood Shades Are a Great Choice

Woven wood shades are a popular product for homeowners seeking window treatments. Why? They’re affordable, functional and beautiful.

woven wood shades

Window coverings must fulfill several purposes: tie into the décor, control light and fit the occasional odd-sized window. Woven wood shades can do all of this and more.

They’re an Eco-Friendly Option

First of all, these shades are made of natural materials. This makes them the top eco-friendly window treatment choice. Whether you choose a product constructed of bamboo, reeds or grass, your woven wood shades will fit into an eco-friendly design and can be recycled in the future. If this is a priority for you, woven wood is the right product for your windows.

They Fit Any Design Style

This window treatment is also versatile. An endless selection of stains and textures is available, enabling you to pick the one that fits your design. From a rich chocolate brown to a light bamboo, find the color and style that goes with your furnishings — don’t select furnishings based on your window coverings.

Woven wood shades give you more freedom with your decorating and design choices. They also pair well with flowing curtains, fully outfitting your windows.

They Block UV Rays

Sometimes you may want to soak up all the UV rays you can, like in the middle of a cold Utah winter, but other times you may prefer to block light infiltration. UV rays can cause fading, potentially damaging your wood flooring, furniture fabric and any art hanging on your walls.

Blocking UV rays is a key feature of any window treatment product you choose, and woven wood does this effectively.

They’re Customizable and Flexible

This window treatment can be customized to fit any size window or door. For especially wide expanses, it’s also offered in vertical form. They can be motorized to make lifting and closing that much more convenient. You can add liners to the shades to block light completely. You can choose from a range of configurations, such as top-down or bottom-up lifting, allowing you to control where light enters the room.

Finding Your Ideal Fit

Overall, woven wood products deliver high function and quality aesthetics. What else could homeowners wish for in their window treatments?

Visit Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse to see a selection up close, and decide which option will fit your design scheme best. Or schedule an in-home blinds consultation, and get the advice of our expert team as you consider your options. The Hunter Douglas products we offer come with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring you get the most out of your investment.

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