Wood or Faux Wood Blinds: What’s the Difference?

Wood Blinds

Choosing between wood or faux wood blinds can be a difficult task. How can you be sure which is better for your home and the specific room in which you intend to hang them? Learn about the benefits and drawbacks of both of these blind types before you purchase to be sure you are making the best investment decision.

All about Wood

For the most elegance window covering possible, select real wood, sanded smooth, fashioned into a blind and stained to accentuate the grain pattern. Even from a distance, these products are clearly authentic. They are light and airy, the perfect choice for covering larger windows. The slats will be easy to raise and lower even with an extended length. Real wood offers more color and finish options than faux materials, and it also can be sanded and re-stained or re-painted to match any change in décor.

One of the downsides to utilizing a natural element for blinds is its sensitivity to humidity and moisture. If they are installed in a bathroom, the shower steam can cause the slats to warp over time. The finish can crack and the blinds can quickly become unusable. When sunshine directly hits the product, it also may discolor after long periods of exposure.

What are Faux Wood Blinds?

Faux wood blinds may be called alternative, imitation, or many other descriptive names, all suggesting the product looks like, but isn’t, real lumber. Usually they are made of vinyl, derived vinyl compounds or a mixture of real wood and vinyl.

These blinds are considerably less expensive than the natural variety, while still offering a high-quality look. Faux wood is not as affected by moisture or temperature, and it can withstand much more wear than its natural counterpart without the finish fading. Because of their water-resistant properties, they are easily cleaned with water or solution. Some products are even manufactured to resist gathering dust.

One of the drawbacks is their weight – they are heavy. If the window in question is large, it may be difficult to raise and lower the blinds without taxing the retraction system. Additional ladders must be installed to support the product and prevent it from buckling.

If you are torn about which product option will fit the window you have in mind, get in touch with the friendly team at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse for advice. Now that you know the difference, you can choose between wood blinds or faux wood blinds based on the facts and with specialized input from an experienced blinds consultant.

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