Get Window Treatments that Beat Summer Heat

Summer Window Treatments

Can your choice of window treatments cut your air conditioning bills?

The answer is yes.

The U.S. Department of Energy reports that window treatments can reduce solar heat gain by up to 77 percent, making them a wise investment when you’re trying to reduce your energy consumption but still stay cool on a hot summer day.

You know you shouldn’t crank up the air conditioning without window treatments; the only question remaining is which type of window treatments will look good on your windows and provide you with the energy savings you’re after?

Honeycomb Shades Are a Good Choice

New advances in window treatments include an option known as honeycomb shades. Also known as cellular shades, they’re designed to let in light while trapping air in pleated pockets between the interior and the window pane.

Many available options for window coverings that save energy block light as the main way to reduce energy costs, but honeycomb shades accomplish this without cloaking your living space in darkness.

Reflective Interior Blinds

Blinds aren’t the best way to block heat loss in winter, but they’re useful in summer because you can limit light infiltration and solar heat gain throughout the day. On a sunny day, if you close reflective blinds completely, you could reduce solar heat gain by 45 percent.

Another way to use interior reflective blinds is to direct the light up toward the ceiling. If your ceiling is painted a light color, the room will stay a comfortable temperature and you will have minimal glare.

Consider Adding Drapes

Draperies help hold in heat in the winter, but they’re also useful window treatments in the summer. Buy draperies in a light color so they don’t absorb heat, and make sure the backing — the side that faces the exterior — is white so it reflects sunlight. You can expect to reduce solar heat gain by 33 percent this way.

Roman Shades Help in All Seasons

Roman shades come in a variety of fabrics and colors, but if you buy a set that has reflective properties on one side and is a darker color on the other side, you’ll be making a smart investment. Keep the reflective side facing the warmer environment and you will reduce heat gain in the summer and improve heat retention in the winter.

These types of insulating Roman shades are reversible and must be drawn all the time in order to maximize effectiveness and save on energy costs.

Don’t let the next summer heat wave get you down — shop at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse and find high-quality window treatments that will give your interiors style while giving your air conditioner a break.

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