Which Window Treatment Fabric Is Better, Polyester or Fiberglass?

What type of window treatment fabric looks better, lasts longer and is the better choice?

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It’s a question that doesn’t have an easy answer. A range of materials is used to create solar shades and honeycomb blinds because they all offer specific benefits. It depends on your personal preference — which type of window treatment fabric do you like better?

Polyester and fiberglass are the two main categories of window treatment fabric, and each has unique properties that emphasize different advantages.

Which One Is Stronger?

Is polyester or fiberglass stronger?

When manufactured for use in window treatment projects, strength isn’t the most important characteristic, but it can still affect how the product behaves in extreme temperatures. While polyester yarns are known for their strength, fiberglass is stronger than many types of metal. Fiberglass is unaltered by heat, but polyester can be affected.

Which Is More Durable?

In general, polyester is less likely to fray. If it does unravel, it’s easier to repair. Fiberglass has a greater chance of fraying, but it can also be easily trimmed to stop the damage.

Both polyester and fiberglass are extremely durable materials. What matters more is that you purchase the product from a reputable window treatment manufacturer. That way, you’ll get the assurance of quality that’s backed by impressive warranty coverage for any defects.

Which Is Easier to Clean?

While fiberglass and polyester window treatments are essentially different, their surface coatings make them both easy to clean. You can use a vacuum attachment to remove dust, and a sponge or cloth and warm soapy water to clean off grime. If the shades aren’t coated, you will only be able to use dry-cleaning methods.

Other Differences

Fiberglass window treatments are typically thinner than polyester. Hence, they’re also lighter. Fiberglass is usually used to make large-scale products that cover wide, tall windows. However, modern polyester manufacturing is beginning to produce thinner material strands, so this difference may not exist for long.

Your Choice Is Important for the Room’s Design

Considering window treatment fabric choices is an important step when you’re tackling the greater challenge of finding the style of window covering that’s right for the room you’re decorating. What’s the best way to find the product that fits you?

Visit the Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse showroom. You can handle each window treatment fabric and see how it feels and performs before you make your decision. Call today to talk to a blinds expert, and learn more about the differences between all the window coverings that can fit into your design scheme.

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