Best Window Blinds for Your Rental Property

Rental Property Window Blinds

As a landlord, you know window blinds make your rental property more attractive to tenants. When their new home is move-in ready and they don’t have to worry about window coverings, they’re happy renters.

But there is a lot to consider when selecting window blinds for your rental property, including cost, durability and appearance. Which option is the best fit for you?

Short-Term Savings or Long-Term Investment

Out of all the available options for window blinds and coverings, you’re going to have to decide: Do I want to pay more money now and invest in high-quality materials that will last for years, or should I go for the cheapest option to enjoy short-term savings?

Your choice will depend on the type of home or apartment you’re renting out and your personal financial situation and preferences.

Low-Cost Option: Mini Blinds

Vinyl mini blinds are considered the minimum standard for window coverings in rental properties. They’re cheap and easy to install on your own. For tenants, they’re easy to clean and they can be adjusted to let in light or increase privacy. You know what you’re getting when you purchase mini blinds, and this might be sufficient, especially for a property like a city apartment.

However, keep in mind that mini blinds can break easier than other types of window coverings, so you may have to replace them more often than you’d like in between tenants.

Durable Option: Faux Wood Blinds

The next step up from mini blinds is blinds made of faux wood. They’re still on the cheaper side, but they’re more durable while providing an aesthetic boost. You can get them in any stain or paint color and they’re resistant to moisture, so hang them in every room, including the bathroom.

The only downside is they’re a bit heavier than mini blinds, so it might be harder for tenants to adjust them to their liking.

Attractive Option: Roller Shades

Shades can provide many benefits that blinds do not. They add to a room’s design, especially when made of fabric. Solar shades offer light filtration and block heat, which can save on utility costs. As the landlord, if you’re responsible for the utilities, this can be a major advantage.

On the other hand, shades, especially those made of fabric, are much more difficult to keep clean.

Upscale Option: Drapes or Curtains

Do you provide your rental property furnished? You may want to consider adding drapes or curtains to complete the look and give the property a homey feel.

While it may be the right move for an upscale rental, the tenant may not like the curtains and drapes you choose. They also can be difficult to clean and may not offer the privacy or light control the tenants are looking for. Hanging curtains in all the rooms also can be a major expense.

Whether you’re leaning toward window blinds, roller shades or another option, Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse can help you so you can attract the right tenants and save money.

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