Why Motorized Blinds Are Better Than Manual: 5 Reasons to Upgrade

In motorized blinds vs. manual, motorized wins every time. Whether you’re working on turning your house into a smart home or you’re just trying to make your life easier, you can depend on motorized blinds. They’re convenient and they simplify your life.

Why Motorized Blinds Are Better Than Manual: 5 Reasons to Upgrade

Below are the top five reasons our customers end up switching to motorized blinds and saying goodbye to pull-cords forever.

1. Control Out-of-Reach Windows

The beautiful windows above your door add elegance to your entryway. But what about the glare they shoot into the living room?

Unlike manual blinds, which would be too high to reach, motorized blinds work well in this scenario. You’ll thank yourself many times over when you can quickly and easily shut out the sunlight when you want to.

2. Add to Your Home Security

It’s easy to put motorized blinds on a timer, or close them via an app on your phone if you forgot to do it before you left the house. Motorized blinds make it easier to make your home’s privacy a priority, and that’s more than good for comfort — it’s good for safety.

3. Help Your Home Systems (And Save Energy)

UV rays heat up your home. While that might be a good thing in the winter, in the summer, it’s not ideal. Your air conditioning has to work harder, and so does your refrigerator and freezer.

If you have been shocked by the number on the electric bill, you’ll be happy to learn that using motorized blinds (set on a timer) will help you save on cooling costs when the sun is shining into your living room. They will help your major home systems last longer and deliver monthly energy savings that make your purchase of new blinds worth it.

4. Protect Your Furniture

It’s time-consuming to continually close all your blinds and shades manually; motorized systems help you set it and forget it. One of the biggest beneficiaries is your furniture. Leather and upholstery stay looking new for longer.

5. Upgrade the Look of Your Interiors

Let’s face it — getting rid of pull cords and adjustment rods is a major upgrade. If you’re going for modern interiors, automate your window coverings and you’ll get another benefit along with it: countless colors and styles that can act as either a complement to your interior design the centerpiece.

Important: If you have children or pets, all five of these reasons to upgrade to motorized blinds pale in comparison to this top reason — to eliminate the risk of strangulation. Corded blinds and shades pose a serious threat, but Utah Blinds Gallery can help you upgrade within budget — visit our showroom today.

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