Why Modern Window Treatments Are Better

Modern window treatments greatly improve the look of your interiors. If you’re missing a feature that will tie the room together, it’s time to take a closer look at your windows.

Modern Window Treatments

Plastic or aluminum miniblinds serve a noble purpose — in fact, we sell those in our showroom along with modern window treatments. But if your budget isn’t your top concern and you’re mainly focused on how to upgrade your window coverings to a modern look, we have options for you.

Convenience Is Everything!

The biggest factor that sets modern window treatments apart is how convenient they are to operate. Most products can be or are made to be motorized. This means with the touch of a button on a remote, or even just a touch on a smartphone app, you can adjust your window coverings to let in more light, or you can close them for the evening.

You can even schedule them to adjust on their own at specific times. Imagine having “smart” modern window treatments you control easily, quickly and efficiently.

Get Insulation from the Cold

With the shift in focus to energy efficiency, manufacturers in every industry are pushing to create products that save energy, and that’s what your new window coverings will do!

With a product like solar shades or cellular blinds, you get better insulation against the winter cold without sacrificing light infiltration. You can enjoy all the benefits of sunlight and radiant heat without seeing your heating bill rise when the weather outside turns cold.

Sleek Design Completes Your Vision

With traditional window coverings like miniblinds, you have limited options when it comes to design. You can basically pick the material and the color, but that’s it.

When you start browsing all the modern products that are a step above miniblinds, it’s plain to see why they’re considered modern. Cellular shades, glossy wood shutters, sheer roller shades — the options are endless and you can integrate them seamlessly with any design profile.

Your windows are a major contributor to the mood and environment of the room — make sure they stand out!

Why Shop at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse

You can view picture after picture of window coverings online, but until you see a product in person, it’s hard to tell if it really fits with your design goals. That’s why you should visit our local showroom!

At Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse, we are dedicated to offering the best-quality modern window treatments at the most affordable prices. We have carefully collected a range of Hunter Douglas products for your review, and we’re excited to see what you think!

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