Tilt Bars for Plantation Shutters ― Which Option Is for You?

Plantation Shutter Tilt Bars

What kind of tilt bars should you get for your new plantation shutters? If you haven’t looked around, you may not realize you have options.

Plantation shutters are an attractive, valuable asset to your home, so you want to make sure when you’re deciding on the fine points, you make choices that will not only make you happy, but withstand the test of time, should you ever decide to sell your home.

You may be surprised at how much a feature as minor as a tilt bar can affect the look of your shutters. Which style will mesh best with your decorative vision ?

How Does it Work?

A tilt bar is the mechanism that allows you to control the positioning of your shutters’ louvers ― the individual wooden slats ― to shut out or let in light as needed to brighten or dim your living spaces.

Front-Facing Position

The most common type is the front-facing tilt bar — what most consumers imagine when they think of traditional plantation shutters. The bar is positioned on the front of each set of louvers and can be manipulated upward or downward to control light infiltration.

This classic look is no longer the only option, however. Check out some alternatives if you aren’t sure if traditional is your style.

Rear Hidden Position

One option is hidden bars, located behind the louvers, off to the side and out of sight. They function the same way, but you can’t see them from inside your home.

This is ideal for homeowners who love to be able to look out the window when the louvers are opened and have a clear view of their property. Front-facing systems obstruct the view, especially if the window already has grids in place.

Split Tilt Systems

Are you looking for a combination of the best of both styles? When your plantation shutters cover a large window, you can separate the louver sections into two shutter panels and get a split-tilt system that will allow you to control the bottom half separately from the upper half.

Whatever style of tilt bar you choose, don’t settle for an option that does not fully meet your expectations. Instead, talk to window treatment specialists, like the team at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse, and find the ideal shutters and tilt bars for you.

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