The Right Window Treatments Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Hanging the right window treatments is one of the subtle ways you can masterfully make sure a buyer snaps up your home quickly.

You may think a kitchen renovation or a bathroom remodel draws in the most buyers, and you may be right, but at what cost? Investing in window treatments is much less expensive than a building project, and it gets results!

window treatments

Can the Outdated Drapes

Your first step in analyzing your current window treatments is to be honest with yourself. Are the curtains you chose the best you can do?

Even if you have an emotional attachment to your outdated drapes, it’s time to let them go. They’re cumbersome and bulky — not the look you want when you list your home.

Focus on Natural Light

Most home buyers want natural light. It brightens the mood and it helps them save on electricity costs. It’s rare to find a home buyer who’s looking for a dark house.

When you’re selecting new window treatments, choose products that give you control over light infiltration. Your home will be more attractive when you let in plenty of daytime sunshine.

Make the Room Look Larger

Don’t hang curtains so that they frame the window too closely. One of the best tricks to make windows look larger is to hang the curtain rod a few inches above the window, and stretch it past the window frame a few inches on each side. This makes the window seem larger.

When windows let in more light, the whole room looks bigger. And bigger homes sell for more money.

Don’t Block the View

If you have a beautiful view from your master bedroom, don’t keep your shades drawn. Let potential buyers drink in the view, both in pictures of your home and when they come visit in person. Views can easily sell properties. It might be the deciding factor in your sale.

Cover Unwelcome Sights

While a nice view is a positive, sometimes the views from your home’s windows aren’t so great. If that’s the case, use sheer curtains to cover the windows. Hiding in plain sight is the best way to subtly distract potential buyers from your home’s downsides.

Privacy Is Key

Whatever you do, don’t leave your bathroom window exposed! Install plantation shutters or some other form of privacy-providing window treatments. The first thing a potential buyer will think when they walk into a bathroom with a wide-open window to the neighbor’s house is the work they’ll have to do to hang blinds.

It’s All You

As of now, it’s still your home, so you get to pick the window treatments that work. Come into Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse to see our shades, shutters and blinds, then talk to our design team for tips and advice on staging your home for a quick sale.

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