The Best Home Office Window Treatments for You

Looking for office window treatments that set the tone just right for your workday? You’re up for a challenge if you don’t know your priorities. Choosing window treatments for the office is different than the home. You might be surprised at what should be at the top of your priority list!  

home office window treatments

Temperature Control Might Be the Most Important Feature  

Working in a warm setting is good for your productivity. A Cornell University study found that when offices increased their temperatures from 68 degrees to 77 degrees, typing errors fell by 44 percent and typing output increased by 150 percent. When your body isn’t preoccupied with trying to stay warm, creativity flows!  

Keep this in mind when you’re searching for office window coverings. The right choice can add insulation to your room, so you will spend less on your utility bill, yet earn more because of your increased productivity levels.  

Aesthetics Can Motivate  

How the room feels temperature-wise can drastically affect you, but aesthetics can play a role as well. Your window treatments are part of the interior design of a room, even if they’re not the focal point.  

One great option to enhance the interior of your home office is to choose natural wood blinds or shutters for your windows. Natural materials are visually appealing and they bring a sense of coziness and calm to the surroundings. When your office is charming and pleasant, you’re much more likely to want to spend time there! 

Natural Light Is Key in a Work Setting

Your window treatments should give you all the power of natural light infiltration. Maybe you love morning light — it awakens and motivates you. Maybe you want to block out streetlights if you work in the evening and it disrupts your focus.  

Whether you want more or less light, find office window coverings that offer you control. Science says more natural light is good for creativity, so if you’re looking for more light infiltration but you don’t want a glare, investigate our solar shades. They might be just what you’re looking for.  

Don’t Let Noise Pollution Interrupt You  

Office window treatments can be used to block out street noise if you’re at a busy intersection. Horns honking and tires screeching will make your client phone calls embarrassing and difficult.  

Find window treatments made from sound-deadening material like fabric. This can also help reduce echo if your office has bare floors.  

Time for a Redesign?  

Ready for new office window treatments? Then you’re ready for a trip to Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse. We have a wide selection with plenty of options that are perfect for the office and perfect for you. 

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