Sunroom Window Treatments Encourage Outdoor Living

Sunroom Window Treatments

Sunroom window treatments can transform your desperately hot living space into a comfortable, breathable area where your family can spread out and relax. If you have been avoiding your sunroom because it gets so hot, you need sunroom window treatments.

Your home’s sunroom can provide benefits like fresh air and UV rays, which can reduce stress and increase your vitamin D levels.

It allows you to enjoy your back yard in all types of weather. You can use the living space without thinking about your electric bill, because you’ll have as much natural light as you need.

In fact, your love of natural light may have been preventing you from looking into installing window treatments. But with the right custom, affordable window treatments, you can take back control and start enjoying your sunroom on a daily basis.

Consider Shades for Light Filtration

Your first option is to look in the shades category. Shades are ideal for a sunroom, because if you choose solar shades, you still get the light filtration you expect in a sunroom but without the usual accompanying glare.

You also could find shades made of a light, transparent material, or choose a light-colored fabric. Shades made of bamboo let in an adequate amount of natural light.

Vertical Blinds Are Convenient and Easy

Vertical blinds are another great option for your sunroom. They can extend from floor to ceiling, covering even the largest windows.

They offer privacy at night, but are also easily drawn to the side when you don’t want anything in between you and the sunlight. They’re typically made of white vinyl, but you can find them in various materials and in many different colors.

A Custom Fit Is the Key

Whatever type of sunroom window treatments you choose, make sure you take accurate measurements of your windows before you make a purchase. Sunrooms are not all created equal, and the window may very well require a custom-fitted product.

Also, you don’t have to cover the entire window. You easily could add a shade on the bottom half of a tall glass panel.

Whichever product you choose, make sure it fits your vision for the space. You don’t have to settle for what’s on the shelf — you can talk to a specialist and find a product that can be custom fitted to your sunroom.

Talk to the team at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse and learn more about the best products for sunroom window treatments — call or visit our showroom today.

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