Five Reasons to Buy Wood Blinds

Wooden Blinds

Looking for reasons to buy wood blinds? Dark cherry wood blinds give a room stately appeal. Honey-colored oak blinds blend smoothly with your flooring. Besides the fact that you like the look, why should you invest in real wood blinds for your window coverings? Read on to find some answers.

More Privacy

What is the purpose of window blinds? To block out light from your home, right? But blinds do much more than protect your eyes from the glaring midday sun. They provide privacy, both in the daytime and at night. If you’ve ever spied your neighbors’ shadow through their vinyl blinds at night when they have the lights on, you already know this. Vinyl blinds are effective, but only to a certain degree. Wood gives true privacy protection 24 hours a day.

Easy to Clean

Dusty blinds are unsightly. Wood is easier to clean than other types of window coverings such as fabric. Simply dust once a week with a soft cloth. They will retain their finish and look good as new after a light cleaning.

Wood Offers Window Insulation

They can be another layer of defense against brutal winters or sweltering summers. In summer, lowering your wood blinds blocks nearly all traces of sunlight and also helps maintain lower temperatures. In winter, they can insulate a home and keep the indoors warmer. Wood is a denser material than vinyl or plastic, effectively cutting down air flow. Even though they have insulating qualities, wooden blinds are not heavy like faux wood. They can also absorb sounds like street noise, making your home a true peaceful sanctuary from the outside world.

They Are Extremely Durable

Blinds are a significant home investment, and once you purchase them for every window in your home, you may be reluctant to repeat the process. In that case, choosing wood is a wise decision. Wood is natural and will not break down easily. Just make sure that you do not hang wooden blinds in a bathroom, due to the potential damage from hot water and humidity, unless the product is specifically designed to withstand moisture. Many manufacturers attach lengthy warranties to the products, ensuring against warping or bending.

Customize Your Style

Wood as a material will never confine your creative imagination or style options. Wood blinds are customizable in size and shape, able to cover a wide glass archway, a unique bay window or double wide French doors. After choosing the wood type, you can also select the specific stain or paint color that will mesh with your walls, décor and furniture. If you decide to change up your home’s decorating theme, you can remove the slats and paint or strip and re-stain them to match.

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