Pros and Cons of Blackout Shades

Blackout Shades

Blackout shades are a worthwhile investment for homeowners interested in cutting down on heating and cooling costs, blocking sunlight during the day and eliminating a large percentage of outdoor noise. However, these shades have a few drawbacks as well. Use this guide to learn about the pros and cons of blackout curtains and decide if this window treatment will fit your home’s needs.

Reduced Energy Costs

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, windows lose heating and cooling energy amounting to $35 billion each year. The tightly woven fabric of blackout shades reduces energy transfer through windows in cold winters and hot summers. When you make the one-time purchase, you will see a long-term cost savings on your monthly energy bills in every season.

Ideal Daytime Sleep Environment

Blackout curtains may help parents encourage daytime naps for infants and small children. Adults who work later shifts require quality sleep during the daytime, and infiltrating sunlight may interfere. Blackout curtains are the perfect solution, as most products promise to eliminate 99 percent of outside light.

Reduced Noise Pollution

These curtains are also helpful in reducing outside noise. For workers or children who are attempting to sleep in a home on a busy street or in a lively neighborhood, blackout curtains can assist in creating a peaceful, quiet atmosphere, conducive to restful sleep.


Blackout shades are constructed of thick sound-blocking material. These high-quality products are designed to last for many years, providing more long-term durability than normal curtains.

No Natural Light Health Benefits

The lack of natural light in a room may deprive inhabitants of many health benefits obtained through sunlight exposure. Vitamin D enhances mood and fights seasonal depression. It also regulates body temperature and circadian rhythms. If you and your family members are getting plenty of sunlight exposure elsewhere, blackout shades may not cut into nourishment, but remember to maintain a balance of sunlight protection and exposure for maximum health.

Higher Electricity Costs

The lack of light penetration may be beneficial during sleeping hours, but otherwise shades that block all sunlight may increase the need for interior lighting. While the electricity costs will most likely not eclipse the other energy savings these products provide, it is a fact to consider when contemplating purchase.

Need for Sturdier Curtain Rods

Blackout shades weigh more than the average curtain panel. When calculating the cost of blackout shades, figure in the price of sturdy curtain rods and hardware to support each panel’s weight. Using your old curtain rods may result in buckling in the middle, which will let in light from the window and cut down on the benefits provided.

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