Pets Ruining Your Blinds? Try These Prevention Strategies.

Ruining your blinds is easy for your pets. All they have to do is follow their instincts to jump and scratch, and another set of miniblinds is destroyed in under 2 minutes.

pet blinds

It can seem like every time you come home, you discover another tattered, shredded set of blinds.

What’s the solution?

Give Your Pet a View

If your dog or cat is curious, your window coverings are coming between them and their entertainment. Every sound they hear outside presents a new opportunity to investigate. From the postal carrier making a delivery to the neighborhood children playing, they want to see what’s happening outdoors, and the blinds are in their way.

To keep them from ruining your blinds, open the ones closest to where they’re likely to sit during the day. That way, they can lay down and sunbathe as well as see what’s going on outside.

Visit the Pet Store

If your dog is determined to turn your blinds into a chew toy, the best way to curb its appetite is to make them as unappetizing as possible. Visit your local pet store and look for sour apple spray. This product is commonly sold and used on items that dogs should stay away from. It won’t make your home stinky — humans can’t smell it — but for dogs it’s a huge turnoff.

Cats may not chew on your window treatments (although they might), but they have different ways of ruining your blinds. Their claws can wreak havoc and reduce your blinds to shreds in seconds.

Try to offer cats alternatives for scratching. Get a scratching post at your pet store and spray it with catnip mist. It will help distract your cat from your window coverings (hopefully.)

Deal with Separation Anxiety

Some cats and many dogs act out due to the stress and anxiety of their owners leaving them for the day. Through careful training, you can curb this behavior in your animals. Talk to a trainer for more information based on your animal’s breed.

Consider Alternate Window Treatments

If standard aluminum blinds are proving to be too much of a temptation for your pets, invest in different types of window coverings.

Vertical blinds are a great option because they make it easy for your pets to see what’s outside. Roller shades are easy to raise and lower. Plus, they don’t collect pet hair, making them easy to keep clean.

If your pets are ruining your blinds, it’s time to find a solution. Discover additional products and prevention ideas at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse. Visit our showroom today, or call for an in-home blinds consultation.

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