Will Paint or Wallpaper Match Your Blinds?

Matching Blinds Interior Design

After buying blinds, you must choose between paint or wallpaper to complete your new interior design. What are the benefits of each and what drawbacks might develop over time?

Pros and Cons of Wallpaper

Wallpaper was used as early as the 1700s, invented as a cost-effective alternative to hanging elaborate tapestries, a common practice among members of Europe’s upper classes. It was used as a decorating agent in earlier times for many of the same reasons it is used today. The product allows the homeowner a wide range of styles, designs, textures and ideas for theme decoration. Customizing a room with wallpaper lends a truly unique touch, personalizing the space for the homeowner. It lasts up to 15 years under prime conditions, making it a more durable, decorative choice than paint.

Wallpaper application takes skill and practice and may require the assistance of a professional. In high-humidity climates, wallpaper absorbs moisture and can slowly peel back over time. While the longevity is admirable, it can also become tedious to keep the same decorative scheme for 15 years. Also, removing wallpaper is time consuming and difficult.

Pros and Cons of Paint

Paint is the most common choice for wall updates because it is economical. Paint costs much less than wallpaper and no training is necessary – anyone can paint their walls quickly and easily. When the homeowner wants to redecorate, repainting is a fast way to update the style.

But paint is less interesting and unique than wallpaper. Other than choosing a color scheme, the homeowner does not have unlimited customization capabilities. Using more than one or two paint colors in a room is risky, and they could end up clashing. While the ease of repainting is convenient, paint will show marks and require retouching. During a painting job, the materials can drip onto floors and furniture, requiring a laborious cleanup.

Which Matches Best with Blinds?

What type of blinds are in your home? Fabric blinds and cellular shades are unchangeable when it comes to the color, so make sure the wallpaper you select does not clash. You can paint wood blinds to match your décor, so if you are set on one particular wallpaper design, you can alter your wood blinds to match.

Can You Use Both?

Homeowners can decide to use a combination of wallpaper and paint in a room, or apply a textured paintable wallpaper. Once the base wallpaper is on the wall, paint can be rolled on top, offering a versatile solution to conflicted homeowners.

Contact Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse for expert decorative advice on choosing between paint or wallpaper and how both options can complement your window coverings.

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