What Office Window Treatments Work Best?

Office window treatments have a profound effect on how you, your employees and your customers perceive your business.

office window treatments

Employees don’t want to come to work in a dark, cave-like atmosphere, nor do customers want to shop there. At the same time, an overly bright office space results in an annoying glare.

Choosing the right office window treatments will help you strike a pleasing balance that works for everyone.


First things first — what type of ambiance are you trying to create? Decide on mood before you start shopping for office window treatments.


No matter what, the product you choose must be easy to control. You don’t want your employees to lose focus because they have to spend time wrestling with a pull cord. The functionality of the product should be a high priority. You could invest in a remote system that allows them to alter the blinds’ or shades’ configuration with the touch of a button.

Light Control

What goes on in your office? Are employees focused on computer screens for much of the day? In that case, you will want a product that allows for muted natural light, versus full sunshine, to limit the glare on their screens. Cellular shades are a top pick for this purpose.

Are employees focused on hands-on work? Then you’ll probably want to be able to let in natural light when they need it to see, but block it out when necessary. The level of light control will determine which product option will work best in your specific office setting.


What’s just outside the window? If you have a gorgeous view that you want everyone to see, make sure the window treatments you choose can be raised or lowered.

Low Maintenance

You don’t want a product that needs constant dusting or cleaning. You are looking for a low-maintenance option, such as wood blinds, that look beautiful with minimal upkeep required.

Overall Cost

The upfront price of the product is important because it must fit into your décor budget, but you should also consider energy efficiency. The right products could drastically reduce your energy bills.

Also, think about the long-term picture. Make sure you’re spending on office window treatments that are built to last. You don’t want a product that will go out of style in a few years — you’re looking for longevity, because that’s how you will receive the greatest return on investment.

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