New Home Window Treatments

Purchasing new home window treatments is an exciting step — it means you’ve closed the deal on the house of your dreams and you’re finally starting to make it your own!

home window treatments

Maybe the builder added basic blinds and shades, but it’s more likely that they didn’t. That’s one of the commonly overlooked costs of buying a new home. On a positive note, even though you’ll spend a little more out of pocket to install new home window treatments, you’re sure to get exactly the kind you like.

Decide Where the Kids Will Sleep

If you’re wondering where to start adding window treatments, it’s best to first identify the kids’ rooms. Never put corded blinds or shades in a child’s bedroom due to the risk of strangulation. Instead, invest in motorized blinds or pull shades. This is the safest setup, so count the windows you’ll need for this type of product first.

Consider Humidity and Moisture Threats

Next, identify the number of windows in spaces where there will be moisture, or the threat of it. The kitchen and bathrooms shouldn’t have fabric or natural wood window treatments because the humidity factor can lead to mold growth and/or warping. Consider faux wood or vinyl products for these spaces in the home.

Add Character!

Finally, remember that choosing new home window treatments is your opportunity to add character! You can select colors and stains that jive with your unique standout style or blend with the background. It’s all about what you like, and choosing these design elements helps you create the environment that speaks to you and truly makes you feel like you’re home.

Set a Budget

Of course, it helps to set a budget so you can keep costs under control. It’s tempting to splurge on the high-end products you love, but if you just bought a home, maybe it’s not the best time to shop without a budget in mind. However, if you want functional, aesthetically pleasing updates that add to resale value, high-quality blinds and shades are always worth it.

We Can Help

When you’re looking for economical yet beautiful new home window treatments that will last for years, our line of Hunter Douglas blinds and shades is the answer. Come to Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse today and get a look at the products you see online before you buy. Purchasing a new home is an exciting time, and decorating with window treatments is another step toward making your new home yours. We can help!

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