Kitchen Window Treatments: What Are You Looking For?

Kitchen Window Treatments

Kitchen window treatments are important: They need to fit the room known as the “heart of the home.” You frequent your kitchen quite a bit, even if you aren’t an advanced chef.

For many, choosing kitchen window treatments that are functional and durable are the most important deciding factors, but some people are more concerned about privacy, light filtration and aesthetics.

You Want Privacy

Kitchen window coverings might be the most frequently used coverings in your home. In the morning, you open the shades to let in the sun and greet the day. In the afternoon, that blinding glare from the setting sun is too much to take, so you adjust your shades accordingly. At night, you’d rather not have your neighbors watching you clean your kitchen.

It all comes down to balancing privacy with the need for sunlight. If you want window treatments that handle this balancing act nicely, consider cellular shades. They let in light while preventing outsiders from looking in, depending on the specific material they’re made of.

You Want Light Control

Speaking of the need for daylight, you may want illumination without the brilliance. Sunlight filtration can help reduce your need for electricity in the daytime hours, but it also can fade your furniture, wood floors and cabinets.

If this is your main concern, check on products that specifically advertise their UV-ray-blocking abilities, like cellular or solar shades.

You Want Less Cleaning in Your Life

You already are in charge of that giant stack of dirty dishes. Why add insult to injury and install kitchen window coverings that constantly need cleaning to look presentable?

There is no avoiding it: Window coverings in the kitchen are going to be subjected to some level of splatter. But when you have guests on the way over, you want to be able to wipe down your shades quickly, with no traces of stuck-on tomato sauce left behind.

In this case, consider vinyl blinds — they’re easy to scrub quickly with soap and water. Stay away from blinds made of real wood, as this cleaning process is much more tedious.

You Want a Beautiful Product

You care more about appearances than anything else — and that’s OK. Your kitchen is designed beautifully and you want window treatments to match. Consider a decorative fabric shade in a customized print of your choosing. Or opt for a traditional look and outfit your kitchen window with classic interior wood shutters.

Whatever your preference, Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse can help you find kitchen window treatments to match your personal style and your home’s design, so stop in our showroom today or contact a blinds specialist to learn more.

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