Kid’s Room Window Treatments

Finding the perfect kid’s room window treatments is different than searching for window coverings for other rooms in the house. You’re looking less based on style and more based on safety, durability and functionality.

kids window treatments

What’s the best option?

Safety Is the Main Priority

When you think about the danger of cords, you can quickly eliminate a whole host of window treatments. Kid’s room window treatments must be free of all safety hazards, and that means you need cordless blinds.

The good news? It’s easier to find cordless products now more than ever, so prioritizing safety won’t eliminate too many product options. Roller shades, cellular shades and even wood blinds all come in cordless models.

Durability Is Essential as Well

Think about all the time your kids spend playing in their rooms. If you have a typical, active child, toys can go flying and little hands can grab and pull without warning. You need blinds or shades that are going to stand the test of time. Traditional mini-blinds probably aren’t going to last.

One of the best options when you’re looking for durability is roller shades. Modern roller shades are nothing like the old-fashioned, spring-action models. Today, they come in all colors and they’re mechanically advanced — you won’t have any trouble with operation.

Make Naptime Easier with Blackout Shades

Searching for kid’s room window treatments also entails finding coverings to make it easy for junior to fall asleep at naptime. If sunshine is pouring through the slats, your mini-me isn’t going to want to get some shuteye.

Some models of roller shades are room-darkening. Cellular shades also come with blackout options. Pairing these products with blackout curtains can help you sleep-train your baby and maintain a solid nap schedule.

Keep the Kids Warm at Night

The bitter cold of a Utah winter can’t be ignored. You want your child to stay toasty warm all night long. Part of keeping kids’ rooms at the right temperature is installing kid’s room window treatments that provide insulation.

Cellular shades, sometimes called honeycomb shades, are the top option when you’re looking for energy efficiency. This product is constructed in a way that prevents heat loss. The little honeycomb-shaped air pockets between the windowpane and the room’s interior help keep warm air inside.

Don’t go it alone — trust Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse to help you with your search for the ideal kid’s room window treatments. Visit the showroom today to discuss what you’re looking for, and see and touch the products you’re interested in before making your final decision. You can also call with any questions you have and schedule an in-home blinds consultation.

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