Installing Window Treatment Hardware: Advice from the Pros

Window Treatment Hardware

Hardware for window treatments must be installed correctly in order to properly support your blinds, shades, curtains and other decorative elements. But you have to have the tools, knowledge and experience to get the job done right.

Whether you’re investing in window treatments for your new home or planning something new and exciting for the windows you already have, making sure your hardware is installed correctly is the first step.

Get Your Tools Ready

Get a pencil and a measuring tape ― use metal, the most reliable type. You will also need either a drill or a screwdriver with the correct head. You might need both flat and phillips, depending on the type of window treatment hardware you’re installing.

Also have a stepladder at the ready so you can reach the tops of all windows. It could be worth your while to ask a friend to help, especially if your windows are wide and tall. Also have a level handy so you can check your work when you’re done.

Hardware Selection

Many window treatments come with hardware included, but you may need to buy anchors if your hardware will be going into plaster or drywall. Anchors are necessary if you are not drilling into a wall stud or window frame ― without these, the screws can easily pop right back out of the wall.

Measuring Guidance

Measuring twice and making clear markings on the wall or window frame will save you annoyance and time. Some brackets or hardware may have pre-drilled holes to help you measure and mark where to drill holes.

Why Opt for Professional Installation?

If you are not confident you can do the project right the first time, you could end up with unsightly holes and crumbling drywall that leaves you with yet another weekend project on your to-do list.

Think about the frustration you’ll save by simply hiring a professional to get the job done right. Your window treatments will be perfectly even and sturdy. You won’t have to worry about a guest noticing a crooked curtain or your dog pulling down the entire panel by accident.

Professionals also are experienced in installing treatments on windows of all sizes and shapes. Unique or unusually shaped windows can be harder to fit properly, so you may want to rely on a professional to tailor the installations to your liking.

Rely on the Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse team for advice on how to properly install your window treatment hardware, and get the help you need to achieve success.

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