Ideas for Door Window Treatments

What type of door window treatments will work best for your home?

They have to fit with your interior design, but functionality is also a must. After all, you open and close your windows, but not as often as you open and close your doors! Getting the right design combined with the right fit is essential for your door window treatments — it will reduce frustration and add to the aesthetics of your home.


Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are overwhelmingly popular in all types of home designs. They let in plenty of natural light and they’re easy to operate. They also save space, because you don’t have to leave room for a door to swing open.

With sliding glass doors, you need all the same elements as with high-quality window treatments, including light control and privacy, but with an added dose of durability. What’s the best product option?

Traditional designs call for hanging vertical blinds. If this is your design preference, vertical blinds are easy to operate and to clean. But they’re slowly going out of style. Try something new.

Honeycomb shades are ideal because they offer a protective layer of insulation, and they’re easily hung on a headrail above the sliding glass door. Using Hunter Douglas’ Vertiglide system, you can open and close the shades without any chains or wands involved. Protect against heat loss, a common concern with wide sliding glass doors, and get the convenient opening system you need.

French Doors

French doors are a little different — they open from the center. You still get privacy and light control, but heat loss may be less of a concern since there isn’t as much glass as sliding doors.

For French doors, roller or solar shades are a great option. You can easily raise and lower them as needed. Make sure you get hold-down brackets to keep the bottom of each blind in place so they don’t swing and smack against the door when you open or close it.

Practical Tips to Help

If you’re hanging panels that drop all the way to the floor, make sure they’re securely fastened 2 to 3 inches above the bottom. If door window treatments brush against the floor, they could get caught under the door and damage the entire mounting system.

Make sure to take the time to install tiebacks for curtains. It will make your life easier when you can simply cinch back the panels and see what’s outside, and they won’t get in the way of the door handle function.

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