How Often Should You Replace Your Blinds?

There aren’t rules for how often you should replace your blinds, but there are strong recommendations. At Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse, we chat with homeowners who don’t like their blinds after just a few months and we talk to people who have enjoyed theirs for years without any thought of upgrading.

How Often Should You Replace Your Blinds

Time doesn’t matter as much as looks and function. Are your window treatments meeting your needs? Consider the five scenarios below to help you decide if it’s time to replace your blinds.

When They’re Faded or Discolored

It’s possible for vinyl or aluminum blinds to discolor over time. Faded, yellowed blinds aren’t attractive. If you’re trying to sell your home, new blinds could be a key feature that potential buyers notice.

When They Don’t Work

When blinds and shades have tangled pull cords, they are a pain to open. If the slats are warped, they don’t shut properly. When the opening mechanism is jammed, that’s when you get really frustrated. Non-functioning blinds and shades are annoying and can definitely factor in to your decision to replace them.

When You’ve Had Children

Kids require you to change your typical routine for the sake of safety. You’ll need to replace your blinds when cords pose a strangulation risk for your little ones — there are so many other safer options on the market. Get in touch with our team and we’ll direct you to the products that will offer the best alternative.

When You Move

Moving can mean it’s time to replace your blinds at your new home, your old one or both. If you have a move on the horizon, come in to our showroom to get ideas about what you want to see in your new home. You can explore a range of window treatment options for all areas of the home. New blinds and shades will make your new space feel lived-in. It’s important!

When You’re Ready for an Upgrade

Sometimes you don’t need an excuse to replace your blinds other than the fact that you’re ready to! If you’ve been staring at the same product for years, you may want a refresh. That’s what we’re here for!

Come in to Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse and shop around. From modern to traditional, we carry a range of styles and products to help you style your home the way you want it!

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