How New Window Treatments Help You Live Greener

New window treatments aren’t just for show — they can help you achieve a more sustainable household as well!

how new window treatments help you live greener

If you’re looking for any excuse to upgrade your window treatments, this is it. Modern blinds and shades are environmentally friendly and can save you money on energy costs. And at Utah Blinds Gallery, we demonstrate how it works firsthand, before you buy.

Get More Light Control

When you think light control, maybe you immediately think “blackout shades.” You don’t want the sunlight pouring into your bedroom early on a weekend morning, and you’re not alone. But what about the other areas of your home, where you do want plenty of light, at least at certain times of the day? This is where new window treatments can help.

Get motorized shades that auto-adjust based on the level of light you prefer in the morning and at night. The goal is to make it easy to depend on natural light, without having to turn on the electricity.

When you use outdated, manual blinds, you might just end up flipping the light switch instead of taking the time to let light in at every window. It’s easier and faster, but with modern window treatment solutions, you are less likely to depend on electricity, thus lowering your monthly bill.

Limit or Supplement Solar Heat Gain

In the summer, it’s all about blocking solar heat gain. Thankfully, there are window treatments available at Utah Blinds Gallery that can still let in the light, but not the radiant heat waves that make your air conditioning system work harder.

In the winter, your window treatments should help you soak up the warmth of the sun when you can so your heating system gets a break. You don’t have to choose — there are window treatment solutions that allow you to do both.

Enjoy Insulation in the Winter

Another great benefit of new window treatments is that modern products are created with energy efficiency at the forefront, not as a side note. When you select products for your home windows, you can trust that the insulating qualities are one of its top performance features, further helping you preserve energy, especially in the cold winter months.

Ask the Right Questions

Before you make a purchase, make sure you get all the information you need by asking the right questions. Know what direction your windows face and the size of each. Also know the sunlight patterns for each room as well as your priorities, such as privacy or light infiltration.

When you’re ready, come see our team at Utah Blinds Gallery. We are prepared to help you find the best new window treatments for your home and your budget!

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