How Layered Window Treatments Help You Have It All

Layered window treatments are more than just an interesting idea — they’re a great solution. You don’t wear one just outfit per season. Why should you choose one window treatment for every time of day and every type of weather?

layered window treatments

You’re Left Wanting

If you have a lot of windows in your home, layering blinds, shades or shutters with drapes or curtains is a big project. But you may have found during your day-to-day life that basic mini-blinds aren’t working for you, and you need more.

You’re either cold from a lack of insulation, you feel exposed to your nearby neighbors or you wish you had more control over how much light entered the room.

You Want Light, Privacy AND Insulation

Natural light, the ability to control that light, on-demand privacy and an extra layer of insulation seems like a lot to ask of your blinds, shades, shutters or curtains. But with layered window treatments, you can have it all.

Start with a Product That Offers Light and Privacy

First, look for the light control product that fits your style and allows for privacy. This is an easy combination to find. You could choose a roller shade that opens from the top, letting in sunlight without giving your neighbors a peek. You could opt for wood shutters that block outside views, but can open when you want light.

Add Another Piece to the Puzzle

Once you find the right bottom layer, look for the insulating material that will top it off. Thankfully, today’s blackout curtains come in multiple shades, patterns and designs. Blackout curtains aren’t always black.

Blackout curtains can give your home an added level of insulation that blocks the cold Utah winter air. Or you could go for regular curtains but add another layer of an interlining, fleece material behind them during the winter months.

Matching Styles

If you’re trying to match a patterned curtain with a colored shade, find the pattern you love first, then pull one color from the design for the shade. Make it a light, subtle color, so the pattern on the curtain has the chance to pop.

Layers — a Winning Combination

Many people assume they have to pick between curtains or shades, but it’s simply not true. Layered window treatments can work with your design sense, and they also make functional sense. Visit Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse today and take a look around our showroom. We can help you find the perfect layered window treatments for your rooms.

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