How Climate Affects Your Choice of Window Treatments

It’s only natural to choose window treatments based on the exterior elements you are seeking protection from. From bone chill cold to glaring bright sunlight, it’s essential to consider your climate when selecting what should go on your windows. Sheer curtains won’t do much in winter, and blackout shades may make your home too dark in summer.

Your Choice of Window Treatments

Summer: Bright and Dry

In Utah, summer is hot and sunny. It melts away lingering snow and quickly creates a desert heat that makes you just wish for a cold drink and shady place to sit. It’s important to make that shady place your home! It doesn’t matter how low you set your home’s air conditioner. If that glaring sun is allowed to pour through your windows all day long, you’re going to feel it!

Winter: Snowy and Cold

In the winter, the temperature shifts drastically. The mountainous elevation brings a chill that you just can’t shake, even when you’re sitting fireside! Your home needs insulation near its windows in order to reduce heat loss from wind and weather systems.

Find the Product to Fit Your Goals

Here’s where we come in. As Utah residents ourselves, we understand the struggle of balancing insulation with light filtration. You want as much light as you can get (or at least control over that light), without losing energy through your windows, which can be a top source of wasted energy.

In the summer, consider:

Solar shades: This product minimizes sunlight’s warming effect and blocks harmful UV rays, but lets in plenty of light. It also reduces the effects of fading on textiles and furniture.

In the winter, we recommend:

Wood blinds: They look beautiful and they function easily! Real wood acts as a great insulator between the windowpane and the room’s interior, and they bring comfort and warmth to your design scheme.
Roman shades: This thick fabric also is a great choice because it creates an insulating effect. You can choose the color and pattern you’d like — customize it to your interiors!

Shop at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse

With a wide range of products that are ideal for the sunny summers and harsh winters we face here in Utah, we are the place to go for window treatments that truly “treat” problems and offer solutions. Come into our showroom today and test different products to find the right fit for your windows. The team at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse is excited to meet you and happy to help!

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