Horizontal or Vertical Blinds: The Great Debate

Choosing whether you want horizontal or vertical blinds isn’t as easy as you might think. You may believe you know what you want, but when you visit a showroom and see what the other option has to offer, suddenly the choice is more complicated.

horizontal or vertical blinds

Designers and homeowners alike struggle to decide: Are horizontal or vertical blinds better?

Is Vertical Outdated?

Vertical blinds may seem retro, and they can be in the right design context. However, don’t assume all vertical blinds are outdated. Today, vertical blinds are made of all different types of materials and textures. They can offer a sleek, modern look, or a warm, contemporary feel. You can even get one with an automatic opening system.

The Pros of Vertical

When you open vertical blinds, the slats fold up on the side, out of the way. This makes them the ideal choice for a large picture window or sliding glass doors. They won’t be too heavy to open or close, and they’ll allow you to take in the scenery in full.

Should You Always Choose Horizontal?

Horizontal blinds are much more common. Because of this, you can typically find a wider range of colors and materials, and are therefore more likely to find a product that fits into your design scheme. Horizontal blinds are adjusted up and down with a pull cord, but can also be modified to open automatically.

Think About Window Size

Even though it may seem like the go-to choice, horizontal isn’t always the answer. When deciding between horizontal and vertical blinds, window size has to be taken into account. In fact, it may be the deciding factor.

If the window or door is too wide, you won’t find a horizontal blind long enough to fit above the glass. Even if you do, it will be so heavy that it will probably bend in the middle. This looks sloppy, and it also means the blind is too heavy to lift easily. The lift mechanism may become damaged because of the weight.

You may be able to install horizontal blinds in two separate panels, but this compromises their looks and also makes lifting the shades that much more complex.

Durability Is Key

When you purchase horizontal or vertical blinds, you’re making an investment in your home. You want these products to last.

Don’t outfit wide windows with horizontal blinds that aren’t suited for them. Choose vertical blinds, and make sure they’re measured and cut properly so they don’t drag on the floor. Otherwise, that could compromise their durability.

Trust Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse to provide you with a varied selection. We want to make the choice between horizontal or vertical blinds easier, so we want you to know about all of your options before you finalize your window treatment design plan.

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