Holiday Window Decorating: 6 Eye-Catching Ideas

Holiday window decorating is a key part of transforming your house into a festive, inviting place, just in time for Christmas.

holiday window decorating

Here are six ways to decorate your windows and include them in your larger design:

1. Hang Stockings

You’re supposed to hang stockings by the chimney with care, but hanging them in your windows works too. Get suction cups with hooks, or hang them from the locking mechanisms, and your home will look all ready for Santa Claus.

2. Decorate the Windowsills

Buy garlands from a craft store or a flower shop and drape them over the sills. You can add pinecones, evergreen branches and any other greenery that’s in season to give your home a fresh look and a pop of color.

3. Set up Candles

Real candles can be dangerous, but you can put battery-operated candles on your interior window sills. These lights in your windows will make your home look like a real-life Christmas card.

4. Create an Inside Scene

Use your interior sills as the platform for a holiday scene. Get tiny, potted evergreen trees and decorate them with lights and ornaments. Use faux birds and greenery from a craft shop to complete the woodland look.

You could also make each window look like a wrapped present by sticking strips of ribbon and wrapping paper in a crisscross pattern on the interior glass pane.

5. Hang Ornaments

Use ribbons to hang a selection of brightly colored ornaments across the top of your window. Call attention to them with a well-placed string of lights, or a string of icicle lights running along the top edge.

6. Hang Wreaths

The holidays aren’t complete without a festive wreath. Don’t just buy one for your door — hang a wreath in every window to help welcome your merry guests.

Update Your Window Treatments

Window treatments that don’t easily open and close can make holiday window decorating a major chore. Struggling with opening and closing your window treatments around your decorations can become a daily frustration.

Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse has many products that can replace your current outdated window treatments, and help your holiday window decorating stay in place securely. For example, Hunter Douglas’ UltraGlide system uses a retractable cord that makes raising and lowering blinds and shades much easier. Powered opening systems are available as well.

Visit Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse before you start holiday window decorating, and look for modern window treatments that will fit your design and provide convenient benefits as well.

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