Finding Window Treatments for Odd-Shaped Windows

Window treatments are supposed to let in light and enhance your outside view, but only when you want them to.

If you have a number of odd-shaped windows in your home, you know that these nontraditional shapes make it difficult to find window treatments. But don’t give up yet!

Window Treatments for Odd-Shaped Windows

You don’t have to leave your arch, octagon and triangle windows uncovered if you don’t want to. You have options.

What Are Your Options?

You could settle for a window treatment that isn’t shaped to match the window. And it might do what you’re looking for, to a degree, but it won’t look good.

Or you could talk to our window treatment specialists at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse and find a product that can be customized to fit your window, odd dimensions and all. This will ensure your windows and window treatments both function efficiently and look beautiful. It’s worth it to find window treatments that work for the unique window.

Circular (Porthole) Windows

Circular windows, often called porthole windows, are often found in stairwells, alcoves and sometimes bathrooms. They add architectural beauty to a home, but it can be hard to find window treatments for them.

You could have a custom cellular shade made to fit the circular window. These fan out in a circular shape, providing the insulation and light control you’re looking for.

But if you want to be able to open the window treatment, it’s better to choose a wooden shutter. While some shutters are fixed to the circular window, you may be able to design a shutter that either swings or folds open, depending on size.

Octagons and Triangle Shapes

The options are similar for octagon and triangular windows. If the window is small, creating a fixed shutter is a more realistic option. While you won’t be able to open it, you can easily take out the screws and remove the shutter when you need to wash the window glass.

If dimensions allow, you could install a wooden shutter in a sequence of two panels. That way you can open them outward and fully let in light.

Arched Windows

Do you have a smaller arch window above your full-size, traditional window? Order a stationary shade that matches the shades you use on the windows below. While you won’t be able to move it, it will provide a uniform look that still allows some light to enter.

Need Help Deciding?

We get it — shopping for window treatments is hard, even for normal-sized windows. The range of options is enormous and you’re not sure what you like best or what will look best! That’s OK — Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse is here to help. Call us today and set up your free blinds consultation and see our products before you buy

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