Finding Perfect Window Treatments

Choosing window treatments can be anything but simple, especially when you consider your priorities for all the rooms in your home. For your bedroom, you want privacy. For the living room, you want a beautiful design. Then you have to think about the budget.

Finding Perfect Window Treatments

Whether you’re moving into a new build or you’re replacing outdated window treatments, the costs can quickly add up, depending on how many rooms and windows you’re outfitting.

Is it possible to be satisfied once you finish installing all your new window treatments? At Utah Blinds Gallery, that’s what we want for you and every one of our customers.

What Defines “Perfect”?

You can’t say you’ve found the perfect window treatments until you’ve defined perfection. For every person and for every room in the home, this definition will differ.

You probably have more than one feature in mind based on the area of the home you’re shopping for. For example, in the bathroom, you don’t want a product that will warp in the humid environment. You also probably want privacy.

With that in mind, you’d like to let in natural light as well so your bathroom doesn’t feel dark and claustrophobic. But the order of these priorities will change with the room.

The most efficient way to make sure you find window treatments that perfectly fit your definition of form and function for every room is to make a list of your needs and wants for every area of the home. When you’re reviewing blinds and shades, see which products best fit your preferences.

See Them in Action

It’s easy to learn about a product’s benefits, but it’s much better to see it perform before you decide. Come to Utah Blinds Gallery and view our selection of Hunter Douglas window treatments. You can test each by raising and lowering it, and you can take pictures to see how it would look when you get home.

An In-Home Estimate Can Help You Decide

Another way to make an educated decision is to have a blinds consultant visit your home. They can bring product samples and give their best advice on the window treatments that will perfectly match your décor and your desired features.

Look at Warranty Coverage

Finally, consider manufacturer warranty coverage. This can give you an added sense of satisfaction once you’ve completed your window treatment shopping because you have the peace of mind that any defects are fully covered. Hunter Douglas offers a limited lifetime warranty that will take care of internal mechanism breakdowns, fabric delamination and more.

Utah Blinds Gallery sells only the best window treatments because you deserve only the best. Visit us today or call to schedule your in-home consultation!

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