Cleaning Woven Wood Shades

Whether you choose your woven wood shades for their eco-friendly properties or solely based on looks, you want to keep them looking beautiful.

But how should you approach the cleaning process?

Cleaning Woven Wood Shades

Avoid High-Powered Vacuums

Be gentle with your shades. You can vacuum up dust, but use a hose extension or a hand-operated vacuum set to the lowest possible suction level. The power from a full-size vacuum can loosen the bindings, wear away the fibers and contribute to premature unraveling.

Dust Frequently

Dust builds up every day, so you must keep up. Make it a habit to dust your woven wood shades at least once a week. Built-up dust is harder to remove. And remember to dust both sides of the shades. Also, use a dry polyester cloth. This material is best at picking up dust.

Try spraying each side with a dust repellent to see if this helps you to get away with dusting less often. If you want to get creative, you can use a hair dryer (as long as it is on the “cool setting) to blow away dust as well.

Apply Furniture Polish

Use a dry cloth to apply furniture polish evenly across each side of the shade about once a month. This will help the wood retain its shine. Don’t spray it directly on the surface though; apply it to the cloth, then wipe each slat. Avoid getting furniture polish on the pull cord or the bindings, as it could stain.

Don’t Spray Cleaner Directly on the Shades

Whatever you do, never spray cleaning solution directly onto the wood. Harsh chemical cleaners can alter the wood’s color. Also, excessive moisture can cause warping. Never scrub the wood with an abrasive sponge either, as you could scratch the slats permanently.

Woven Woods Add Texture and Dimension

Woven wood shades are a great investment. They give your room a natural, earthy feel and look classier than shades made of cloth. They also block UV rays, and if you can choose a motorized model, raising and lowering will be easier than ever.

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