Choosing the Best Restaurant Window Treatments

Restaurant Window Treatments

Restaurant window treatments help shape your customers’ perception of your eatery.

Sitting in the hot sun while eating is not a pleasant experience. Fighting off the glare while trying to carry on a conversation with a lunch date is frustrating.

Besides performing the basic function of controlling light infiltration, restaurant window treatments also impact your eating space in many other ways.

What’s Important in an Eatery?

The most important factor in a restaurant’s success is most definitely the food. But other characteristics can easily cause customers to choose another eatery over yours, such as location, cleanliness and comfort.

While restaurant window treatments can’t affect location or cleanliness, they go a long way toward enhancing visitor comfort and making the interior of your restaurant appealing.

Look for these top four characteristics when you’re selecting blinds and shades for your restaurant:


You don’t want cord-lift blinds within reach of children. In a family-friendly restaurant, opt for cordless blinds and shades, and remove this safety threat.

Also, consider fire safety. The local fire department may have regulations on the type of fabric you can legally have on the windows.


On a bright sunny day, you want to let in natural light and cheer up the eating space. If your restaurant has a nice view of the nearby landscape, your customers probably want to be able to see outdoors as well.

But when you’re trying to set the mood, you need the ability to control light infiltration and reduce glare.


UV rays can be blinding, and you don’t want your customers to have to squint during their meals. Also, no protection from the sun means your interiors will heat up much quicker, requiring you to use more energy for cooling.

However, it is possible to gain natural light without sacrificing comfort, especially when you consider a product like solar shades.


The right choice of blinds or shades also enhances your restaurant’s design. When you think of décor, you probably think about wall art and furniture, but window treatments count too.

Besides fitting with the design style, restaurant window treatments also preserve other elements inside the space. Upholstery, wood and carpeting won’t fade as fast as they normally would if you cut down on UV rays.

You Need Options

The ideal restaurant window treatments will vary depending on the location and style of your eatery, and that means restaurant owners need options. At Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse’s showroom, you can select from a wide array of high-quality blinds, shades and shutters, and see how each product looks and functions before you invest the purchase and installation. Visit today or find out more about restaurant window treatments by calling and speaking with a helpful service representative.

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