Choosing Door Blinds: Guidelines to Help

Blinds For Doors

Picking out door blinds or coverings for glass doors isn’t easy. The range of options might stun you when you arrive at your local window treatment store. It’s best to consider your choices beforehand, and this guide can help.

Choosing window treatments for doors is different than for windows, so you should try to determine ahead of time which product is going to deliver the end design and functionality that’s right for your home.

How Are Door Blinds Different?

Door blinds are different than window blinds mainly because their purpose is different. Doors are used constantly. You need space to open and close them, and the door blinds you choose have to be able to stand up to continuous jostling.

Another consideration is how much glass you have in your doors. They may be made mostly of glass, or you may only have a few glass panels that need to be covered.

In general, glass doors are shaped differently than windows, so you also must make sure the size of the treatments you choose will fit.

Shutters Allow Natural Light

One of the most long-lasting and durable options for doors is interior plantation shutters, especially when light infiltration and durability is a priority.

It’s no secret that natural light is coveted — you can reduce your electricity bill and brighten the entire appearance of your indoor design with ample light infiltration.

While shutters can be closed to block out most sunlight, when open, they completely brighten a room. They also don’t depend on mounting hardware above or beside the door, lessening the chance that they will take a beating from daily use.

Sheer Panels Are Convenient

Sheer curtain panels are also a popular option, especially for sliding glass doors. They’re lightweight, they let in daylight and they slide easily from side to side, especially if they’re mounted on a long curtain rod and hung with ring clips.

Blinds Are Affordable

You could also opt for a traditional route and get horizontal or vertical blinds to cover your door. Vinyl blinds are extremely affordable, and if you already have blinds covering nearby windows, this will keep the look uniform throughout your home.

Take your door blinds up a level and opt for fabric, wood or faux wood blinds for an even higher-quality product and classier look.

Basic Tips to Maximize Durability

Whatever type of door blinds, curtains or shutters you select, it is extremely important to install each covering securely in order to minimize damage to the treatments and mounting materials. If you are using a curtain rod, make sure you mount it high enough above the door so curtain hems do not hang below the door frame.

If you decide on sheer or fabric curtains for your door covering, make sure the length of each panel is correct, and hang them at a height so the bottom seam is just above the floor. Floors near doorways typically attract more dirt, and you don’t want your curtains to constantly pick up grime.

If you’re torn between your many options for door blinds and coverings, it’s time to call or visit the team of blinds specialists at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse to learn more about the ideal choice for your home.

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