Choosing a Blinds Store: What Should You Look For?

Blinds Store

Selecting the right blinds store is important if window coverings are not your area of expertise. You can take advantage the professionals’ expertise to help you make decisions on what would work best in your home so you get exactly the look you want.

Here are a few characteristics of a blinds store that you should be on the lookout for before deciding where to spend your money and time.

A Selection of Products to Fit Your Needs

You most likely do not want mini-blinds covering every window in your home. You may want blackout shades in the bedroom, wood shutters in the living room and still different products for the bathrooms.

Wouldn’t it be great not to have to visit 10 different stores for 10 different types of window treatments? Go to a blinds store with a wide selection of shades, shutters, blinds and more so you can get what you need for every area of your home.

A Wide Range of Options for Every Budget

You don’t only want a selection of product types — you want a range of pricing options as well. As a smart consumer, you’re not going to settle for the first quoted price you hear. A blinds store that can accommodate a budget range will keep you on track with your spending, resulting in less post-purchase guilt the next day.

Free In-Home Consultations

You should work with a blinds store that will provide a free in-home consultation. After all, how can they give you advice about the products that will look best in your home if they have never seen it?

Get guidance on general products and colors, but also allow the specialist take measurements. Accurate measurements are critical when ordering custom-made window treatments. It’s important to measure windows horizontally, vertically and diagonally — twice. And each window must be measured — even if they look the same to the naked eye, dimensions can vary slightly.

Quality Products from Trusted Manufacturers

Finally, make sure you are shopping at a store that only offers high-quality products from manufacturers with long, reliable histories of producing top-notch merchandise. You can check product reviews online and make sure the warranty options and long-term dependability match your goals.

Did you know Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse offers all of the above and more? Get the friendly, straightforward customer service you’ve been looking for when you visit our blinds store showroom, or call us today and set up an appointment for a free in-home consultation.

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