Choosing Blinds for Glass Doors 

You need blinds for glass doors if you’re sick of the neighbors getting a full view of your kitchen and you would rather have more control over how much light comes in. Those are two of the top reasons our customers come looking for our glass door window treatments, but there’s more to consider than privacy and light control.

Choosing Blinds for Glass Doors 

The Privacy Question

Does your glass door leave you feeling exposed at night when the lights are on and anyone outside can see directly into your living space? It’s not the best feeling for a private person or any person. You should feel comfortable in your own home, and blinds for glass doors can help.

One of our top recommendations, when privacy is a consideration, is faux wood. This product can block shadows and offers a high-end feel. But since it’s faux wood, there is no risk of it warping if any moisture gets in through the door.

Light Control Is a Priority

Is the glaring sun more of an issue for you than privacy? Light control is essential, especially if your home is positioned so that you get a lot of natural light streaming in. While this can be great for ambiance, sometimes you’d like less light.

Our best suggestion, in this case, is to use honeycomb blinds, also called cellular shades. You still get the benefit of natural light, but without the glare.

Insulation Is a Must

Another factor you should think about is how much heat you lose through your glass doors. Installing window treatments is one of the top ways to prevent this. Insulating products will help you spend less on heating your common areas and save money in the long run. Cellular shades are good for this purpose as well.

The Logistics

Below are a few more issues to consider before you choose blinds for glass doors.

  • Many French doors do not have any depth available for an inside mount, so look for outside mount options.
  • Check to see if the coverings might interfere with the door handle. Try to find shallow blinds that fit behind it, or else you might get frustrated or the window treatments could wear quickly.
  • Consider installing “hold down” brackets to keep the coverings in place so they don’t swing and smack against the door when it’s opened and closed.

Visit Our Showroom

Come to Utah Blinds Gallery today and view our products in person. Selecting the right blinds for glass doors is critical because it’s an investment you don’t want to make twice. We can help you discover what’s important to you when it comes to window coverings.

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