Buying Window Treatments: Patterned or Solid Design?

Patterned Window Treatments

Window treatments are a final finishing point of a well-designed living space. While they may be selected after other items such as rugs, furniture and tables, they are no less important in terms of communicating the style of each room. When it comes to buying curtains for your home, you have many specialized product options, but the main question you may be asking yourself is, should you purchase solid-color or patterned curtains?

The Decorating Rule for Curtains

Look at the furniture pieces, wallpaper and rugs in the room. Do these fixtures display patterns, whether simple or elaborate? If so, you should opt for a solid color for curtains in order to avoid a visual overload. Too many patterns, even when they are similar, make a room appear cluttered and disorganized.

On the other hand, if the room in question contains furniture and rugs with solid colors, patterned window treatments can add the flair that the space needs to achieve the target style. Choose your window coverings based on how they match and complement the more expensive fixtures in the room.

Solid Window Treatment Colors

If you have decided to purchase a solid-colored product, pick the exact shade with care. First, decide on the decorating tone. To make a bold statement, bold colors are required. To create a peaceful atmosphere, choose muted shades that match the wall color or are a shade darker. Solid colors provide the stability and balance many decorating styles require.

Patterned Product Suggestions

In general, smaller patterns give rooms a softer look while hard lines and geometric shapes contribute to a modern atmosphere. To make a pattern fit with the colors in the room, pick window treatments with a background color that matches or coordinates with the shade of another object in the room.

Additional Style Options to Consider

Not every room requires you to make a stark choice between solid and patterned window treatments. Depending on the room’s purpose and design, sheer curtains could transmit the airy, light feeling the decorator is striving for in a muted, almost transparent form. Additionally, bedrooms could make functional use of blackout curtains as opposed to the straightforward, standard fabrics used in some patterned and solid window treatments. Lastly, consider making your specific room unique with an alternative fabric such as silk. Sheer, blackout and silk window treatments are available in a wide array of colors, some with minimal to standout patterns as well.

Talk to the team at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse online or in-store to determine which window treatments will fit seamlessly into the vision you have in mind for your perfectly decorated home.

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