Should You Buy Cordless Blinds?

Cordless Blinds

Before you buy cordless blinds, you should know about the many benefits you could gain with your investment. Traditional corded blinds can pose strangulation hazards, and a tangled cord is unsightly to a room’s stylistic appeal. Sometimes, cords are difficult to reach and operate. With cordless blinds, each of these problems is eliminated.

How Do They Work?

Cordless blinds are powered by a hidden pulley system. They only require a touch to move them up or down, and it is possible to install a remote-control, motorized system for windows out of reach.


Cordless blinds are an ideal solution for the elderly, or for those who have difficulty operating regular blinds due to limited arm motion. Heavy blinds on wide windows will no longer bend at the top, and you will not have to strain to pull them up. All it takes to adjust the blind is pushing a button or holding a tab and moving the shade – no more confusion over which cord or direction to pull.

Eliminate Risk of Strangulation

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, 286 cases of grave injuries or death caused by window blinds have been reported between 1996 and 2014. In total, 1,590 children received emergency medical treatment for a strangulation injury caused by a window covering cord. However, the CPSC also stated that an estimated 49 percent of these accidents go unreported. The organization says that on average, one child per month will die unless cords are removed.

It is the official recommendation of the CPSC that households with young children remove all cord-powered blinds as an effective safety measure. Even if your household consists only of adults, young children who are visiting could be at risk. It is not only children who may encounter an accident, but pets as well.

In the meantime, if your child’s bed or crib is in close proximity to a window with blinds, move it far away immediately. Repeat the same process for any other furniture situated close to window blind cords. While a tension device can contain the cord above a child’s reach, one malfunction can result in a terrible accident. Cordless blinds are the only reasonable solution to this hazardous child and pet safety risk.

Aesthetic Appeal

Tangled, knotted blind cords are almost inevitable, especially on blinds used multiple times throughout the day. Not only is it difficult to untangle blind cords, but it gives a messy, unkempt look to the room. With cordless blinds, you will never have to worry if your blinds are straight. Additionally, they come in a variety of styles and fabrics, allowing you to choose the fashion and style you wish rather than settling for unoriginal window coverings.

Now that you are aware of the positive characteristics, buy cordless blinds to fit your windows after viewing many fashionable options available at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse.

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