Why Buy Blinds That Let in Natural Light?

Natural Light Blinds

A home that allows in lots of natural light has many benefits, including higher property values and better sleep quality for its occupants. When making a blinds purchasing decision, don’t neglect to consider product options that can open and maximize the natural sunlight pouring into your rooms. Following are a number of reasons to focus on promoting natural light in your home.

Save on Energy Costs

While neither heating oil, gas nor firewood are free, sunlight is. In the cold winter months, letting sunlight into a room can keep energy costs lower while helping to ward off the psychological effects of the dark winter, such as seasonal affective disorder. To cut down on the winter chill, purchase blinds that allow natural light infiltration through southern-facing windows. The sun hangs lower in the sky along the southern horizon in the winter, so these windows will be exposed to the most light.

Improve Sleep Quality

Circadian rhythms govern the human body’s natural sleep cycle. When the process is disrupted, individuals may be more vulnerable to weight gain, depression, bipolar disorder and diabetes. Good health is dependent on consistent, high-quality sleep.

Making sure you are exposed to daylight in the morning hours between 6 and 8:30, when the body is most responsive to natural light, can stimulate the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN). The SCN is a cell group located in the brain’s hypothalamus that interprets light-dark signals and jump-starts production of hormones that make the human body feel awake.

Starting circadian rhythms at the right time of the morning will ensure melatonin and other sleep-inducing hormones are released by the SCN at the right time of night. If no morning light exposure occurs, the body will not begin its wake cycle until much later in the day, further delaying the release of sleep-inducing hormones in the evening. Restless sleep or insomnia may result.

Increase Home Value

According to Remodeling magazine’s 2015 cost-versus-value report, window replacement in a home results in a significant return on investment. For homeowners in the Mountain region, 74 percent of costs were recouped for vinyl replacement windows in terms of home value. While this return on investment is partially due to energy savings, it also allows homeowners to make another change that may have been impossible before – installing blinds that let in much more natural light than before.

One of the first suggestions made by realtors to homeowners looking to sell quickly is to brighten up the space. In fact, in a 2003 report titled The Benefits of Daylight Through Windows, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy, researchers found commercial property with very little daylight infiltration leases for 20 percent less than property with sufficient windows and daylight.

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