Why Modern Window Treatments Are Better

Modern window treatments greatly improve the look of your interiors. If you’re missing a feature that will tie the room together, it’s time to take a closer look at your windows. Plastic or aluminum miniblinds serve a noble purpose — in fact, we sell those in our showroom along with modern window treatments. But if your budget isn’t your top concern and you’re mainly focused on how to upgrade your window coverings to a modern look, we have options for you. Convenience Is Everything! The biggest factor that sets modern window treatments apart is how convenient they are to operate. Most products can be or are made to be motorized. This means with the touch of a button on a remote, or even just a touch on a smartphone app, you can adjust your window coverings to l

The Best Home Office Window Treatments for You

Looking for office window treatments that set the tone just right for your workday? You’re up for a challenge if you don’t know your priorities. Choosing window treatments for the office is different than the home. You might be surprised at what should be at the top of your priority list!   Temperature Control Might Be the Most Important Feature   Working in a warm setting is good for your productivity. A Cornell University study found that when offices increased their temperatures from 68 degrees to 77 degrees, typing errors fell by 44 percent and typing output increased by 150 percent. When your body isn’t preoccupied with trying to stay warm, creativity flows!   Keep this in mind when you’re searching for office window coverings. The right choice can add insula

Types of Window Treatments

Window treatment terms specific to the industry can be confusing, even for home and business owners who have managed decorating projects before. Whether you’re updating the look of your interiors or starting from scratch, you should know a few key terms. It will help ensure you end up with the product you want and the look you love. Types of Window Treatments There are many different types of window treatments. Blinds: Blinds are horizontal slats stacked on top of one another. You lower blinds using a cord, chain or motor. Curtains: Curtains are fabric selections hung using a curtain rod and come in a range of materials, colors and styles. Drapes: Drapes are different than curtains — they’re thicker and many are lined in an effort to keep out the cold draf

Are Miniblinds the Best Choice for Your Windows?

Miniblinds are the horizontal window blind you likely see nearly everywhere you go. They’re Venetian blinds, only the slats are smaller. Depending on your budget and your needs, miniblinds could offer the best value for you. Why They’re Popular The main reason miniblinds are seen in nearly every home is because they are extremely inexpensive. When compared to higher-end options like wood or fabric, aluminum miniblinds offer the most for the least. That’s the main reason they’re so popular: You get function without going over budget. They Can Be Customized to Any Window Another great benefit of this window treatment is its ability to fit any size window. Just order your blinds in the dimensions you need and they can be custom-cut to fit. Even better, they’re al

Finding Window Treatments for Odd-Shaped Windows

Window treatments are supposed to let in light and enhance your outside view, but only when you want them to. If you have a number of odd-shaped windows in your home, you know that these nontraditional shapes make it difficult to find window treatments. But don’t give up yet! You don’t have to leave your arch, octagon and triangle windows uncovered if you don’t want to. You have options. What Are Your Options? You could settle for a window treatment that isn’t shaped to match the window. And it might do what you’re looking for, to a degree, but it won’t look good. Or you could talk to our window treatment specialists at Utah Blinds Gallery and find a product that can be customized to fit your window, odd dimensions and all. This will ensure your windo