Are Miniblinds the Best Choice for Your Windows?

Miniblinds are the horizontal window blind you likely see nearly everywhere you go. They’re Venetian blinds, only the slats are smaller. Depending on your budget and your needs, miniblinds could offer the best value for you. Why They’re Popular The main reason miniblinds are seen in nearly every home is because they are extremely inexpensive. When compared to higher-end options like wood or fabric, aluminum miniblinds offer the most for the least. That’s the main reason they’re so popular: You get function without going over budget. They Can Be Customized to Any Window Another great benefit of this window treatment is its ability to fit any size window. Just order your blinds in the dimensions you need and they can be custom-cut to fit. Even better, they’re al

Finding Window Treatments for Odd-Shaped Windows

Window treatments are supposed to let in light and enhance your outside view, but only when you want them to. If you have a number of odd-shaped windows in your home, you know that these nontraditional shapes make it difficult to find window treatments. But don’t give up yet! You don’t have to leave your arch, octagon and triangle windows uncovered if you don’t want to. You have options. What Are Your Options? You could settle for a window treatment that isn’t shaped to match the window. And it might do what you’re looking for, to a degree, but it won’t look good. Or you could talk to our window treatment specialists at Utah Blinds Gallery and find a product that can be customized to fit your window, odd dimensions and all. This will ensure your windo

Buying Shutters: 4 Questions to Ask 

Buying shutters for your windows is a smart investment as well as an attractive design choice. They add to your home’s value and they offer a beautiful, traditional look that gives your interiors an upscale feel you’ll enjoy every day. If you’re ready to make the change and you’re set on buying shutters, answer the four questions below first to help ensure you’re satisfied with the result. 1. Should Your Shutters Have a Midrail? A midrail is a horizontal plank that separates the upper panels from the lower ones. Because the upper section opens separately from the bottom, it allows more control over light infiltration. You can choose to open the top and let in light, but keep the bottom closed and block out the glare (and the neighbors’ prying eyes.) Check out d

Cleaning Woven Wood Shades

Whether you choose your woven wood shades for their eco-friendly properties or solely based on looks, you want to keep them looking beautiful. But how should you approach the cleaning process? Avoid High-Powered Vacuums Be gentle with your shades. You can vacuum up dust, but use a hose extension or a hand-operated vacuum set to the lowest possible suction level. The power from a full-size vacuum can loosen the bindings, wear away the fibers and contribute to premature unraveling. Dust Frequently Dust builds up every day, so you must keep up. Make it a habit to dust your woven wood shades at least once a week. Built-up dust is harder to remove. And remember to dust both sides of the shades. Also, use a dry polyester cloth. This material is best at picking up dust.

7 Signs it’s Time for New Window Treatments

New window treatments can transform your home’s look, but they’re a big investment. Is your home due for new window treatments? The answer is yes if you spot at least a few of these signs: 1. You Have Constant Mechanical Problems Is it almost impossible to get all your blinds’ slats to close? Are the cords frayed? Is it difficult to lift your shades? When you have mechanical problems with your blinds or shades, you’re spending too much time fixing jams. Stop shaking your head at your crooked blinds — get new ones! 2. You’re Replacing Your Windows Are you replacing your windows with larger, wider ones? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade your window treatments, too. First, the old ones probably won’t fit. Second, don’t you want new window treatme