5 Window Treatment Trends to Know Before You Choose Your Blinds or Shades

Window treatment trends aren’t like fall fashions — once they arrive, they stick! Plus, they typically inspire new ideas that influence your whole home’s interior décor. If you want a refresh for your home interiors, it’s smart to start with your window treatments. One of the five emerging window treatment trends below may be just what you’re looking for for your next interior design project. 1. Organic Materials Natural materials such as bamboo and rattan bring texture and an earthy feel to a room. What’s even better is the budget. Typically, products made of natural materials are on the more affordable side. Plus, they provide an anchor to your interior design. 2. Energy Efficiency Homeowners love to save money on utilities. A percentage of your home’s e

How New Window Treatments Help You Live Greener

New window treatments aren’t just for show — they can help you achieve a more sustainable household as well! If you’re looking for any excuse to upgrade your window treatments, this is it. Modern blinds and shades are environmentally friendly and can save you money on energy costs. And at Utah Blinds Gallery, we demonstrate how it works firsthand, before you buy. Get More Light Control When you think light control, maybe you immediately think “blackout shades.” You don’t want the sunlight pouring into your bedroom early on a weekend morning, and you’re not alone. But what about the other areas of your home, where you do want plenty of light, at least at certain times of the day? This is where new window treatments can help. Get motorized shades that auto-adjus

Finding Perfect Window Treatments

Choosing window treatments can be anything but simple, especially when you consider your priorities for all the rooms in your home. For your bedroom, you want privacy. For the living room, you want a beautiful design. Then you have to think about the budget. Whether you’re moving into a new build or you’re replacing outdated window treatments, the costs can quickly add up, depending on how many rooms and windows you’re outfitting. Is it possible to be satisfied once you finish installing all your new window treatments? At Utah Blinds Gallery, that’s what we want for you and every one of our customers. What Defines “Perfect”? You can’t say you’ve found the perfect window treatments until you’ve defined perfection. For every person and for every room in the

Bamboo Shades: Get the Facts 

Bamboo shades are making a resurgence. Their beauty, grace and ability to fit into any design theme makes them a popular choice for the homeowner searching for the ideal window treatments. But are they right for you and your home? Get the facts, then decide. Delicate Yet Durable When it comes to bamboo window treatments, the feature that’s most prominent is their delicate appearance. The woven natural materials add elegance with an earthy tone. But surprisingly, bamboo is much more durable than one might expect, given its looks. Bamboo shades hold up well to frequent use, and are easily cleaned along the way. This makes them a good fit for nearly any room. It Holds Up to Moisture — It’s Not Wood Bamboo is often thought of as a wood, but it’s technically a gras

Choosing Blinds for Glass Doors 

You need blinds for glass doors if you’re sick of the neighbors getting a full view of your kitchen and you would rather have more control over how much light comes in. Those are two of the top reasons our customers come looking for our glass door window treatments, but there’s more to consider than privacy and light control. The Privacy Question Does your glass door leave you feeling exposed at night when the lights are on and anyone outside can see directly into your living space? It’s not the best feeling for a private person or any person. You should feel comfortable in your own home, and blinds for glass doors can help. One of our top recommendations, when privacy is a consideration, is faux wood. This product can block shadows and offers a high-end feel. But since i