Ideas for Door Window Treatments

What type of door window treatments will work best for your home? They have to fit with your interior design, but functionality is also a must. After all, you open and close your windows, but not as often as you open and close your doors! Getting the right design combined with the right fit is essential for your door window treatments — it will reduce frustration and add to the aesthetics of your home. Sliding Glass Doors Sliding glass doors are overwhelmingly popular in all types of home designs. They let in plenty of natural light and they’re easy to operate. They also save space, because you don’t have to leave room for a door to swing open. With sliding glass doors, you need all the same elements as with high-quality window treatments, including light control and priv

The Right Window Treatments Help You Sell Your Home Fast

Hanging the right window treatments is one of the subtle ways you can masterfully make sure a buyer snaps up your home quickly. You may think a kitchen renovation or a bathroom remodel draws in the most buyers, and you may be right, but at what cost? Investing in window treatments is much less expensive than a building project, and it gets results! Can the Outdated Drapes Your first step in analyzing your current window treatments is to be honest with yourself. Are the curtains you chose the best you can do? Even if you have an emotional attachment to your outdated drapes, it’s time to let them go. They’re cumbersome and bulky — not the look you want when you list your home. Focus on Natural Light Most home buyers want natural light. It brightens the mood and it helps t

7 Reasons To Consider Roller Shades

Roller shades: They’re some of the most versatile and popular window treatments on the market. If you decide to buy roller shades for your windows, you’ll love them, just like so many homeowners before you. Take a look at these seven great reasons to choose roller shades for any room in your house: 1. Simple Elegance Is In Modern design is characterized by clean lines. It’s the style that’s “in,” and it’s exactly what roller shades offer. They’re sleek, minimal and understated. They will draw attention to the window’s architecture, or the view. They look complete all on their own, but you can also easily pair them with curtains or a valance. 2. Lifting or Lowering — It’s Easy With a simple pull, you can easily lift or lower roller shades to the exact pos

How Layered Window Treatments Help You Have It All

Layered window treatments are more than just an interesting idea — they’re a great solution. You don’t wear one just outfit per season. Why should you choose one window treatment for every time of day and every type of weather? You’re Left Wanting If you have a lot of windows in your home, layering blinds, shades or shutters with drapes or curtains is a big project. But you may have found during your day-to-day life that basic mini-blinds aren’t working for you, and you need more. You’re either cold from a lack of insulation, you feel exposed to your nearby neighbors or you wish you had more control over how much light entered the room. You Want Light, Privacy AND Insulation Natural light, the ability to control that light, on-demand privacy and an extra layer of ins

5 Reasons to Choose Motorized Blinds

Motorized blinds are often overlooked as a home technology update, but they can completely change the game for you. The days of struggling with twist rods and pull-cords are over. Now it only takes a touch of a button to get the right light filtration you’re looking for, without all the hassle. Are you considering adding motorized blinds to your windows? Below are five good reasons to make the change. 1. You Have Small Children As your babies grow into toddlers, you’re realizing more and more why dangling blinds cords are such a safety hazard: Kids investigate everything. To protect your little one from a strangulation hazard, you’ve resorted to wrapping it around your curtains or draping it over the curtain rod. Not only does this look silly, it leaves the blinds cord ta