5 Ways Blackout Shades Could Change Your Life 

Blackout shades provide a level of light blockage and insulation that many other window treatments do not. But are blackout shades really as transformative as the title to this blog makes them sound? Well, if you’ve ever found yourself wishing for more sleep, better sleep, more privacy, peace and quiet, or more money, blackout shades are the solution. They can help you achieve all the above! Below is a little more detail on how. You Get More Sleep Light pollution is one of the main reasons you can’t fall asleep. Less light in your room means you’ll fall asleep faster and you’ll be able to sleep longer. This is especially helpful if you work late shifts and need to rest during the daytime. You Get Quality Sleep Blocking out light will keep your sleep cycles uninte

How Climate Affects Your Choice of Window Treatments

It’s only natural to choose window treatments based on the exterior elements you are seeking protection from. From bone chill cold to glaring bright sunlight, it’s essential to consider your climate when selecting what should go on your windows. Sheer curtains won’t do much in winter, and blackout shades may make your home too dark in summer. Summer: Bright and Dry In Utah, summer is hot and sunny. It melts away lingering snow and quickly creates a desert heat that makes you just wish for a cold drink and shady place to sit. It’s important to make that shady place your home! It doesn’t matter how low you set your home’s air conditioner. If that glaring sun is allowed to pour through your windows all day long, you’re going to feel it! Winter: Snowy and Cold I

Choosing Window Treatments for Windows That Are Close Together

Choosing window treatments can be a challenge, especially if the windows aren’t traditionally shaped or positioned. It can be hard to find coverings that look good for two or more windows built side by side. This poses a problem because the window treatments need to provide the desired level of privacy and light control but can’t overlap. What are your options when you’re choosing window treatments for windows that are close together? One Shade for Multiple Windows — Blending with the Wall If you have what looks like a wall of windows and want a simple solution for covering them all, you can order shades long enough for the entire span of windows. When you do, you can choose one of two courses of action: You can order a shade that blends in with the wall or you ca

Bamboo Shades: Why Make the Switch? 

Bamboo shades aren’t just for tiki bars or exotic getaway pads. They are growing in popularity everywhere, because bamboo is a lightweight, natural wood. Consider this gorgeous option when redesigning your window treatments. Eco-Friendly Design Statement Whenever you use natural wood in your design, you’re bound to get a compliment! It’s because natural wood makes your home look eco-friendly and beautiful. The plus with bamboo is that it’s not as heavy or expensive as real wood shades. Get the natural look and you can get it for less. Also, you can pick the finish that aligns with the other natural wood features in your interiors. In fact, it’s even possible to dye bamboo. Find a style that complements your home — it’s easy. You Can Enjoy Necessary Light Fil

Why Modern Window Treatments Are Better

Modern window treatments greatly improve the look of your interiors. If you’re missing a feature that will tie the room together, it’s time to take a closer look at your windows. Plastic or aluminum miniblinds serve a noble purpose — in fact, we sell those in our showroom along with modern window treatments. But if your budget isn’t your top concern and you’re mainly focused on how to upgrade your window coverings to a modern look, we have options for you. Convenience Is Everything! The biggest factor that sets modern window treatments apart is how convenient they are to operate. Most products can be or are made to be motorized. This means with the touch of a button on a remote, or even just a touch on a smartphone app, you can adjust your window coverings to l