8 Tips for Brightening a Dark Room 

Brightening a dark room might seem impossible without a major renovation, but you will be surprised at how some simple tricks can help. When it’s musty, dark and dingy, it’s not just the outside light you need — you have to make changes on the inside too. Check out our list of tricks for brightening a dark room. 1. Replace Bulky Furniture with Streamlined Pieces First things first: What’s taking up the most space in your dark room? It could be your dark-colored, big, bulky furniture. When massive couches, chairs and tables dominate the design, it makes the whole room feel darker. Try replacing bigger furniture pieces with sleek, streamlined items, and you’ll see an immediate difference. 2. Go with White and Light Colors … Everywhere Whenever possible

Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows: 4 Ideas You’ll Love

Choosing window treatments for bay windows can be problematic. On one hand, why would you want to cover that gorgeous view? Bay windows are a prime architectural feature, and the homeowners who boast a beautiful bay window view are lucky! But when the sun shines too brightly or night falls, it’s comforting and convenient to have control with functional window treatments. How those blinds, shades, shutters or curtains will work and look depends on which window treatments for bay windows you think are best. Goal: Don’t Block View or Obstruct Natural Light In compiling the list of the top four options for bay windows, the priority is twofold: The window treatment shouldn’t affect your view of the landscape (unless you want it to) and it should give you control over natu

Your Guide to Cleaning Plantation Shutters Effectively

Cleaning plantation shutters is one of those tasks on a to-do list that never seems to get done, mainly because it’s hard to know where to start. What’s the best way to keep your shutters from accumulating dust? How can you restore their shine? This guide offers tips and tricks, as well as a suggested cleaning schedule, to help. Plantation Shutters: Elegant and Classy Sometimes shutters get a bad rap because they aren’t as easy to clean as roller shades, but ask any homeowner with plantation shutters, and they’ll likely agree: the pros definitely outweigh the cons with this elegant window treatment option. Shutters give a finished look to any room. They let in plenty of light while still offering privacy. There are no strings to contend with, and they can be

8 Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

“Increase natural light” is on the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. Homes with a bright, sunny bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room sell much more quickly. An abundance of natural light enhances a home’s atmosphere. Why Do You Need Natural Light? Increasing natural light is also good for your health. Sunlight normalizes your sleep cycles and boosts your mood. It also allows you to save on electricity. Step out of the dark ages and into vitamin-D-infused living — increase the level of sunlight in your home in eight easy steps. 1. Schedule a Tree Trim What’s blocking the sun from shining in your windows? Could it be your overgrown trees? Schedule a professional tree trimming, or take matters into your own hands and trim your shrubs and plants. 2. Wash Yo

Ideas for Door Window Treatments

What type of door window treatments will work best for your home? They have to fit with your interior design, but functionality is also a must. After all, you open and close your windows, but not as often as you open and close your doors! Getting the right design combined with the right fit is essential for your door window treatments — it will reduce frustration and add to the aesthetics of your home. Sliding Glass Doors Sliding glass doors are overwhelmingly popular in all types of home designs. They let in plenty of natural light and they’re easy to operate. They also save space, because you don’t have to leave room for a door to swing open. With sliding glass doors, you need all the same elements as with high-quality window treatments, including light control and priv