Best Window Treatments for Bay Windows: 4 Ideas You’ll Love

Choosing window treatments for bay windows can be problematic.

On one hand, why would you want to cover that gorgeous view? Bay windows are a prime architectural feature, and the homeowners who boast a beautiful bay window view are lucky!

Window Treatments for Bay Window

But when the sun shines too brightly or night falls, it’s comforting and convenient to have control with functional window treatments. How those blinds, shades, shutters or curtains will work and look depends on which window treatments for bay windows you think are best.

Goal: Don’t Block View or Obstruct Natural Light

In compiling the list of the top four options for bay windows, the priority is twofold: The window treatment shouldn’t affect your view of the landscape (unless you want it to) and it should give you control over natural light infiltration.

With that in mind, here are four ideas to try:

1. Wood Shutters

Plantation shutters are classy and functional. You can easily adjust them to let in light as needed, or you can swing them wide open when you want a full view. Install them on the top or bottom half of your window, or both, and enjoy the traditional, upscale look.

2. Motorized Blinds

Traditional blinds involve a lot of reaching and pulling. Avoid the struggle of tangled pull cords and get motorized blinds! With the click of a remote, you can adjust the light infiltration and increase your privacy.

3. Drapery Panels

Drapes are a popular choice because they emphasize the height and breadth of the window. Hang them high above the window frame to get this effect.

4. Roman Shades

Your bay window makes a statement, but why not emphasize it with a one-of-a-kind fabric Roman shade? You can pick a pattern that jumps out and is just as unique as your window. When they’re fully raised, it gives the impression of a valance and retains its style no matter the position.

Can You Have it All?

Combine the options on this list to find the style that’s perfect for you. There’s nothing wrong with hanging drapes with motorized blinds behind them. You could also outfit the bottom half of your bay windows with plantation shutters, then use roman shades for the upper half. Get creative and be unique — there are no limits!

More Tips for Bay Windows

Double-check your measurements when you’re working on outfitting your bay windows. If three or more separate windows make up the bay window, many homeowners assume all of them are the same size. This might not be the case. You will also need to know the depth of each to determine how to hang the product you have in mind.

Schedule a free in-home blinds consultation with Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse, or simply visit our showroom! We can give you personalized advice that will help you find the best window treatments for bay windows in your home.

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