Benefits of an In-Home Blinds Consultation

In Home Blinds Consultation

Could an in-home blinds consultation help when pricing blinds installation for your residence? Working hand-in-hand with a specialist can mean the difference between successful, swift blinds installation and a costly returns process – a waste of time and funds. Here are some specific reasons you should trust a professional for an in-home blinds consultation.

The Price

If you’re working with a reputable provider, your in-home estimate will be free. Why not take advantage of a service that comes at no cost to you, and could very well save you money by preventing incorrect measurements? Make sure your windows are measured correctly the first time by a specialist who understands how window coverings are created and installed.

View Product in Context

The blinds you covet from an online catalog may look quite different up close and personal. More importantly, you should see how the blinds look in the intended installation room. While you could change the entire decorating scheme and paint the walls, it’s probably a better idea to match the blinds to the existing atmosphere as a cost-effective measure. When you have an in-home blinds consultation, the professional will provide samples and color swatches for fabric blinds, allowing you to order your product with higher confidence.

Measuring Assistance

Even windows of a normal size and shape can be troublesome to measure. A specialist can offer counsel on whether inside-mount or outside-mount blinds are best, given the state of your windows and window trim. If outside-mount is the chosen method, they will jot down accurate measurements based on the exact location of the mount, be it on the top window trim or on the wall above the window. You will no longer have to worry if your ballpark measurement is interpreted correctly by the factory.

Accuracy for Unique Window Shapes

If you have bay windows or windows of a distinctive, unusual shape, you will greatly benefit from professional measurement. In some cases, kitchen and bathroom windows open and close using a crank. Other times, tile and backsplash wrap around the window. An experienced blinds consultant can account for these unique features, adding length when necessary to conceal the crank or for higher placement above tile work.

When selecting blinds for French doors, the consultant will assess the door’s material and be sure to include proper hardware for installation in the order, whether for metal or wood. Choosing blinds for sliding glass doors can also be problematic for the inexperienced homeowner, as the trim, molding and handle must be measured and examined to be sure they will not block movement of the blinds.

Windows with shallow sills require specialized mounting hardware. Arches need precise measuring of the base and height. You may not have the experience needed to obtain accurate measurements, but your in-home blinds consultation will come to the rescue. For free estimates and in-home blinds consultations in Salt Lake City, West Valley, Sandy and all of greater Utah, contact Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse today.

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