Basement Window Treatments: What Type Should You Choose?

Basement Window Treatment

Basement window treatments can help even the dullest and dreariest lower level come to life. Blinds and shutters can brighten a dark space or transform the appearance of smaller windows, making them seem larger. When you are reflecting on which basement window treatments will match your home, take the following considerations into account.

Think About the Need for Access

If you have a finished basement that contains bedrooms, you most likely have egress windows installed. Depending on local building code, egress windows may be required to allow people to exit quickly in the event of a fire.

While permanent shutters may give a taller, more elegant appearance to a finished basement bedroom, they might restrict the ability to open and exit the windows as quickly as necessary, so these might not be your best choice for this space. Keep fire safety as a main priority in the window treatment search.

Remember Child Safety

Many homeowners use their basement as their children’s main play area, whether it is finished or unfinished. Do not neglect child safety concerns when selecting window treatments, especially since the children may be playing downstairs unsupervised.

Opt for cordless blinds to reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries. Consider roller shades or automatic lift woven blinds to achieve a finished look without the dangerous potential of traditional blinds.

Assess Energy Efficiency Concerns

Even if a basement is fully insulated and finished, it still may develop cold drafts in the winter months. Basement window treatments can make significant progress toward reducing heat loss through the windows, especially if the glass is not highly energy efficient.

Many thermal options abound for basement windows, including liners you can place behind existing curtains, honeycomb shades that trap heat while still letting in light, or thick, warm blackout shades. Help your lower level remain comfortable in the colder months and protect heat loss through basement windows.

Evaluate Privacy Needs

If your house is close to neighbors’ homes, remember how easy it is for them to see into the room. Hang curtains or blinds that allow you to block the view when privacy is desired.

Unique Style Ideas

While in other areas of your home you may choose window treatments based on the shape of each window, try not to follow the same pattern in your basement, especially if your home has tall, rectangular windows that make the space seem cramped.

Adding floor-to-ceiling curtains and placing a piece of furniture directly under the smaller basement windows can give the room the depth and warmth it needs. You could even hang curtains on a blank wall where you have no windows. This will make the space seem livable and welcoming, even without natural light.

Talk to the team at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse and get advice on choosing basement window treatments that fit the style of your basement as well as contribute to a safe, energy-efficient, private living area.

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