Bamboo Shades: Why Make the Switch? 

Bamboo shades aren’t just for tiki bars or exotic getaway pads. They are growing in popularity everywhere, because bamboo is a lightweight, natural wood. Consider this gorgeous option when redesigning your window treatments.

Bamboo Blinds

Eco-Friendly Design Statement

Whenever you use natural wood in your design, you’re bound to get a compliment! It’s because natural wood makes your home look eco-friendly and beautiful. The plus with bamboo is that it’s not as heavy or expensive as real wood shades. Get the natural look and you can get it for less.

Also, you can pick the finish that aligns with the other natural wood features in your interiors. In fact, it’s even possible to dye bamboo. Find a style that complements your home — it’s easy.

You Can Enjoy Necessary Light Filtration

Don’t be fooled — you aren’t stuck with the stripes of light you get from regular blinds. With bamboo shades, you can add liners to help keep your interiors dark when you want to. This can also enhance privacy.

You Have Functionality Options

Since bamboo is so versatile, you can get it in the form of roller shades, with a top-down or bottom-up function, or you could even choose to have them motorized. You can have bamboo shades without pull-cords.

It’s Durable

Bamboo is lightweight, but don’t let that fool you — it’s durable as well. When compared to aluminum or vinyl mini-blinds, bamboo beats all competitors in the resiliency competition. Plus, it’s extremely easy to clean. All it takes is a quick brush with a duster!

It Could Bring Good Luck

Bamboo is considered lucky for feng shui. In traditional Chinese culture, bamboo is thought to attract health and happiness. If you are working to create a specific environment geared toward growth, incorporating bamboo is a must.

It Fits Your Budget

There are a range of window treatment options out there, some more in line with your budget than others. You can count bamboo shades in the affordable category! When you’re looking for a cost-effective product that makes the best use of your money, consider bamboo an ideal material.

At Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse, we are focused on helping you find the ideal window treatment for your interior design. We want to deliver on light control, privacy, insulation and of course, aesthetics! The products we carry, including our beautiful bamboo shades, all have unique strengths in these key areas.

Call or visit our showroom today to see what we have planned for your window redesign!

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