Bamboo Shades: Get the Facts 

Bamboo shades are making a resurgence. Their beauty, grace and ability to fit into any design theme makes them a popular choice for the homeowner searching for the ideal window treatments.

Bamboo Shades: Get the Facts 

But are they right for you and your home? Get the facts, then decide.

Delicate Yet Durable

When it comes to bamboo window treatments, the feature that’s most prominent is their delicate appearance. The woven natural materials add elegance with an earthy tone.

But surprisingly, bamboo is much more durable than one might expect, given its looks. Bamboo shades hold up well to frequent use, and are easily cleaned along the way. This makes them a good fit for nearly any room.

It Holds Up to Moisture — It’s Not Wood

Bamboo is often thought of as a wood, but it’s technically a grass. This is good news for your window treatments. While natural wood will warp in the presence of moisture, bamboo is much hardier. You can hang bamboo shades in bathrooms and kitchens and not worry about how the moisture will affect it long-term.

This is just another example of the product’s strength and durability.

You Can Enjoy Light Control

Bamboo comes in many different colors, which give you a measure of light control you may not have thought you had. Darker colors like brown and black keep out most light, while lighter colors let more in.

They’re Affordable!

If you’re shopping on a budget, definitely consider bamboo. While you’ll spend a substantial sum for real wood, you can get the natural look with this material for much less money.

You Can Install Them Motorized

This type of treatment comes in a variety of lift options, from push up to pull down, and you can even get them motorized. So if you’re looking to incorporate this material in a modern, convenient and efficient home window treatment design, you can.

They May Bring Good Luck

While this isn’t an established fact, many believe that bamboo brings good luck. The material is commonly associated with feng shui, bringing love, light, health and prosperity to a home with this focus in design. If you subscribe to this notion, then bamboo should be near the top of your list of window treatment options!

What We Offer

We offer a number of woven shades from Hunter Douglas that are made from bamboo, reeds and more. There is no better way to determine if bamboo shades are right for you than to visit our showroom, where we have many for you to try out. Get a real-life picture of what they will look like in your home before you decide to buy. Utah Blinds Gallery has options for every budget and every design style.

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