Are Miniblinds the Best Choice for Your Windows?

Miniblinds are the horizontal window blind you likely see nearly everywhere you go. They’re Venetian blinds, only the slats are smaller. Depending on your budget and your needs, miniblinds could offer the best value for you.

Are Miniblinds the Best Choice for Your Windows

Why They’re Popular

The main reason miniblinds are seen in nearly every home is because they are extremely inexpensive. When compared to higher-end options like wood or fabric, aluminum miniblinds offer the most for the least. That’s the main reason they’re so popular: You get function without going over budget.

They Can Be Customized to Any Window

Another great benefit of this window treatment is its ability to fit any size window. Just order your blinds in the dimensions you need and they can be custom-cut to fit. Even better, they’re also easy to install. It’s a project you can typically tackle on your own, even if you’re an amateur.

Pick Your Color

Miniblinds come in many different colors and tones. Pick the shade that best fits your interiors. From dusky gray to bright white, you have options, and you don’t have to stick with traditional off-white.

You Can Make Them Safe07

Miniblinds are typically controlled by a pull-cord mechanism, but thanks to modern advancements, you can now order them motorized. While this is an added expense, it’s a good way to put any safety concerns to rest. Long blind cords pose a strangulation risk to small children and pets, so it’s important to keep the cords out of reach if you do not opt for a motorized system.

Rule of Thumb to Follow

In general, make sure that the wider your window is, the wider the miniblinds slats are too. The slat width typically ranges from a half-inch to 2 inches wide. If they’re on the skinnier side, they may look awkward on a large window, plus they will be more difficult to operate. Talk to a window treatment specialist for a good idea of the best width for your miniblinds order based on the size, shape and location of your windows.

When Should You Choose Miniblinds?

If budget is your main priority, miniblinds are the best choice. You get privacy, light control and insulation at a price you can afford. They’re effective window treatments that fit the bill for many homeowners, and Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse has a wide selection for you.

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