8 Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Home

Increase natural light” is on the top of many homeowners’ wish lists. Homes with a bright, sunny bedroom, bathroom, kitchen or living room sell much more quickly. An abundance of natural light enhances a home’s atmosphere.

increase natural light

Why Do You Need Natural Light?

Increasing natural light is also good for your health. Sunlight normalizes your sleep cycles and boosts your mood.

It also allows you to save on electricity.

Step out of the dark ages and into vitamin-D-infused living — increase the level of sunlight in your home in eight easy steps.

1. Schedule a Tree Trim

What’s blocking the sun from shining in your windows? Could it be your overgrown trees?

Schedule a professional tree trimming, or take matters into your own hands and trim your shrubs and plants.

2. Wash Your Windows

When was the last time you washed the outsides of your windows? You may wash the interiors regularly, but giving the outside a good scrub can make a remarkable difference in the level of light that comes through the glass.

3. Install Skylights

Talk to a roofer about how to affordably install skylights or solar tubes in your especially dark rooms. This is an easy way to let in light. After all, you’re positioning a window right underneath the sun!

4. Hang Mirrors

Another trick is to position mirrors in such a way that they reflect light throughout the room. Mirrors are beautiful in their own right, so it’s a win-win design choice.

5. Move or Replace Overly Large Furniture

Do you have a bulky, oversized armchair right beneath your window? It’s blocking all your natural light! Increase natural light in a room by reducing the size of your furniture and moving it away from the windows.

6. Redo Your Paint

Dark colors absorb light and reduce the brightness in a room. When it’s time to brighten up a space, one of your first steps should be to change the paint color. Use a lighter shade and you’ll be amazed at the change.

7. Replace Heavy, Dark Doors with Glass

Your thick, solid wood door may be beautiful, but it’s not good for light infiltration. Consider replacing it with a glass door, or adding a glass storm door.

8. Choose the Right Window Treatments

Finally, choose window treatments that will enhance natural light. Solar shades are a great option — they offer light infiltration but block the sun’s glare.

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