8 Tips for Brightening a Dark Room 

Brightening a dark room might seem impossible without a major renovation, but you will be surprised at how some simple tricks can help.

When it’s musty, dark and dingy, it’s not just the outside light you need — you have to make changes on the inside too.

Brightening a Dark Room 

Check out our list of tricks for brightening a dark room.

1. Replace Bulky Furniture with Streamlined Pieces

First things first: What’s taking up the most space in your dark room? It could be your dark-colored, big, bulky furniture. When massive couches, chairs and tables dominate the design, it makes the whole room feel darker.

Try replacing bigger furniture pieces with sleek, streamlined items, and you’ll see an immediate difference.

2. Go with White and Light Colors … Everywhere

Whenever possible, repaint and redecorate with white, bright colors. Choose light-colored flooring. Purchase light-colored area rugs. Choose light-colored lampshades. Dark colors only bring down an already dark room, while light colors enhance and maximize the light.

3. Mirrors Are Your Friends

Mirrors make rooms feel bigger, and they also reflect light throughout the room. Place mirrors strategically so they bounce light back into the room.

4. Declutter!

Honestly assess your decorative scheme. Is it too cluttered? If your shelves are full and every corner of the room is full, consider packaging up items you don’t need and getting rid of them.

5. Trim Outside Trees

One of the only exterior tasks you need to handle is tree-trimming. Overhanging branches don’t help when you’re brightening a dark room — they just restrict sunlight. Talk to an arborist about how to safely trim away branches that are blocking your view and your daylight.

6. Clean Window Glass

Pets and children can smudge window glass. If you make it a habit to keep your windows as clean as possible, your room will feel much brighter.

7. Upgrade Your Window Treatments

Finally, here is a way we can help: Get new window treatments. Those thick drapes just won’t do anymore, not when your goal is brightening a dark room. So many modern options let in excessive amounts of light, yet still offer you control over how much is allowed inside and when.

At Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse, our window treatment experts help customers like you who are searching for solutions. Every day, we create more satisfied customers who love their new window treatments and consider their purchase a major success, especially when their objective is brightening a dark room. Visit us today to find the option that’s ideal for you.

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