7 Signs it’s Time for New Window Treatments

New window treatments can transform your home’s look, but they’re a big investment. Is your home due for new window treatments?

New Window Treatment

The answer is yes if you spot at least a few of these signs:

1. You Have Constant Mechanical Problems

Is it almost impossible to get all your blinds’ slats to close? Are the cords frayed? Is it difficult to lift your shades?

When you have mechanical problems with your blinds or shades, you’re spending too much time fixing jams. Stop shaking your head at your crooked blinds — get new ones!

2. You’re Replacing Your Windows

Are you replacing your windows with larger, wider ones? If so, it’s probably time to upgrade your window treatments, too. First, the old ones probably won’t fit. Second, don’t you want new window treatments to match your new windows?

3. They’re Faded and Discolored

When slats and shades turn yellow, you might feel like cringing when you close them, especially if you have guests. If an in-depth cleaning won’t cure the it, a replacement will.

4. Warps and Waves Are Appearing

Are the slats warping due to excessive heat? Are they wavy and difficult to close? Whenever you have warped slats, it’s never easy to lift or lower window coverings, and it’s probably time to make a change.

5. Pets and Kids Took Their Toll

Some cats relentlessly claw at blinds. Dogs can shred them too. And when kids want to see outside, they carelessly push blinds and shades out of the way! Window treatment damage can often be traced back to children and pets. When blinds and shades are too mutilated to stay in place, you need new ones!

6. They’re Not Safe

Maybe you’re about to bring a little one home and you’re thinking about the dangers of window blind cords. Investigate cordless shade options and consider upgrading to a newer, safer, more modern option.

7. You’re Updating Your Interior Design

Sometimes it’s a simple reason that tips the scales in favor of new window treatments. For example, what if you’re re-doing your interior design? Your shades may not jibe with your new style. Interior design updates normally mean it’s time to change your window treatments out too.

Ready to Make a Change?

Find the new window treatments you need at Utah Blinds Gallery Wallpaper Warehouse. We have a wide selection of products, from cellular shades to fabric blinds to wood shutters and more! You can get advice from our team of window treatment design specialists or you can explore the possibilities on your own. Either way, we have attractive solutions for you — visit us today!

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