5 Wood Blinds Maintenance Tips

Wood Blinds Maintenance

It’s critical to get your wood blinds maintenance routine right, because wood blinds require more care and attention than all other types of window treatments. Authentic wood slats show the detailed grain of the wood, and when each slat picks up dust, it’s noticeable. You need to clean and care for wood blinds to prevent grime buildup and coax out a shine.

Here are five wood blinds maintenance tips to help you stay on top of this cleaning job:

Use a Feather Duster or Vacuum for a Fast Clean

Wood blinds maintenance starts with eradicating dust. Wood attracts it like a magnet. A good way to clean blinds is with a vacuum. Hook up the softest brush attachment you have and start at the top, working your way down, gently moving back and forth across the slats so you don’t scrape them.

If you have guests coming over and you’re in a hurry to clean your dusty blinds, just use a feather duster. Start at the top and dust downward so you don’t injure the lift mechanism.

Side-to-Side Wiping for Better Dust Removal

While a feather duster or vacuum is adequate when you’re in a hurry, it’s not as effective as other methods. When you have more time, use a soft, dry, microfiber cloth for dusting. Open the blinds and wipe from side to side to get out all the tiny microbes stuck to the surface. You also can use a clean, dry sock or a paper towel.

Oil Soap or Wood Cleaner Will Bring Out a Shine

Once all the dust is gone, your next goal is to bring back that shine. Dab oil soap on the blinds and use the same side-to-side motion with a cloth or paper towel. In place of oil soap, you can use wood cleaner or furniture polish.

Never Use Water

Whatever you do, keep away from water. Wood slats absorb moisture, which can warp and bend them out of shape. Water is never an appropriate cleaner for wood — it can destroy your blinds.

Re-Varnish for a New Look

Maintenance doesn’t have to begin and end with keeping blinds clean. You can strip and re-varnish the slats if they begin to look faded, or the color is outdated and you’d like to try a new style.

Manufacturer Guidelines Matter

Follow these wood blinds maintenance tips, but only after you thoroughly read the owner’s manual for your product. You don’t want to unknowingly void a warranty or use a material that could damage the wood.

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